How many black Chanel bags do you own?

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  1. Well, Im feeling like I have too many black Chanel bags but I love them all! I do have other colors. I guess Im trying to make myself feel better about it! THe ones I have are:

    black cambon tote
    black jumbo
    black timeless clutch
    black medium caviar classic
    black reissue
    black lambskin mini classic

    On a good note, my two newest ones coming are NOT black. LOL.
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  2. LMAO....I refuse to answer on the grounds it might incriminate me..heehee

  3. OMG! :roflmfao:

    You don't even want to know. I have you beat if that makes you feel any better. LOL! Love black bags!
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  4. Only 2 black Chanels.

    GST with silver hardware
    GST with Gold hardware

    Def. want more black Chanels - different styles of course - like a classic flap with new chain and black patent clutch......:yes:
  5. It just seems my first instict is to get it in black, THEN, if I love it, find it in other colors!
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  6. Funny u should post this....MY CHanel SA just refused to sell me another black bag..LOL..she wants me to wait for a diff color..heehee....she even says I have too many..OY
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  7. black jumbo
    black timeless clutch
  8. All three of my Chanels are black. :smile:
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  9. OMG 3!!!!! And I only have 3 chanels!!!
    But the 2/4 that I am currently looking at are NOT black! :rolleyes:
  10. just one! A modern chain N/S in black then two other Chanels in bronze/khaki and one in Dark Silver;)
  11. Just 1 Black Cambon bowler with patent CCs.
  12. One black leather baby cabas and one black patent on black Cambon wallet.
  13. My black Chanel bags are:

    Cambon medium tote - blaack with white
    Cambon medium tote - black with black patent
    Jumbo Caviar flap in black w/ CC closure
    Medium washed caviar flap in black with mad. closure
    Medium ( I think) classic black lambskin tote
  14. I own 3 Chanel bags--and they are all black!
    --The large cerf,
    --the ultimate soft lambskin with mademoiselle locks, --and a patent leather camellia pochette (my latest purchase!)
  15. 7 black and 3 non-black.