How many black Chanel bags do you own/use?

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  1. I was just curious how many black Chanel bags ppl here own and use on a regular basis. For me I am attracted to the black chanel bags and own 3 very similiar looking ones. I use all three, but they basically have the same look. The next one I want is basically the same look as well!!
  2. Three for me:

    Black with white CCs bowling bag
    Black Classic Cavair Jumbo w/silver hardware
    Black large MC Tote

    but I also would love to add a 226 black with gold hardware reissue to my collection (are you listening Monica ???:roflmfao: :graucho: :p )
  3. I have two -
    Small Lambskin Kelly w/Silver HW
    Lady Braid Satchel w/ Gold HW

    seriously considering the new Expandable in either Black or Camel, but I just LOVE :love: Black Chanels!!!

    I have discovered that I am pretty basic (does that mean boring :nuts: ) and will probably stick to Black/Browns/Blues/White - tried Red and it's not working out too well for me ....
  4. Four. And I keep wanting more black ones! I am obsessed with black bags.
  5. i only have one for now but how i love it and how i have gotten more than my moneys worth out of it.
  6. 2 so far, a medium lambskin classic flap and black caviar GST. Both bags have gold h/w. I am lusting for more black Chanels though :amuse:
  7. I have 3.....Cambon tote in black with white C's, Timeless Classic is black lambskin, and my Jumbo Flap in black Caviar.
  8. I have 4:

    Black/black calf CC Cambon Bowler
    Black Luxury Deerskin Bowler
    Black/silver Grand Shopping Tote
    Black Metallic Luxury Flap
  9. Only one for me:

    2005 Black Reissue w/gold hardware 226
  10. I own 6 and rotate carrying each of them. Seems like the boutique always has black in the bags I want, or sometimes black just looks better in a certain style bag.
  11. 5 black ones, 2 non-black. I love black chanels more than any other color.
  12. Only 1 for me...227 Black Reissue.
  13. i only have one (black lady braid satchel), but i always find myself more attracted to black bags than anything else.
  14. 3 bags:
    medium black classic flap (smaller so used a little less)
    vintage (80s) black (faded to almost blue) quilted tote
    Mademoiselle black tote
    For work I switch between the two totes and other non-Chanel bags regularly.
    & 1 luggage type item: a black quilted lambskin cosmetic/train case.
  15. Only 1 for now (Jumbo Black Caviar Flap), but wanting more.