How many black bbags do you have?

  1. I have a black First... and I've been thinking of getting a black City lately. Do I need both?

    How many bbags do you have in black? And in which style(s)?
  2. 2 - First and Twiggy
    I use both lots - it's great to have different sizes
  3. I don't have a black one yet. I have Rouge Theatre and white, but I sooo want a Black first or city!!!! How much can your first hold??? Also, I think you should get the black city too - it's a classic!!!!!
  4. I have one.. a black city. It's so user friendly! They wear so well. I can see myself with more than one black bag. So I say, GO FOR IT!:tup:
  5. Right now, technically only one in the City style. However, my steel bags are very dark (almost black) and I have two of those; one a courier and one a GH bag. Plus I plan to get a clutch someday in black or steel as well. Each bag serves a different purpose. So, I can definitely see the need for more than one black bag.
  6. I have a black parttime with giant hardware and a black city right now...I wouldnt mind getting another black bbag soon though
  7. I only have 2 right now (Box and Day) but would love to get a City or PT soon!
  8. Just one - a black city. I absolutely love it. I am seriously considering getting another black City just so I can carry one as an everyday bag and still have a spare that is in perfect condition.
  9. My dream is to have a black city, part time, work, and weekender! You can't have too many black bags - especially with Balenciaga's leather varying season to season and bag to bag.
  10. where's bama??? let's see how our list compares:

    2 black city's (04/05)
    2 black Day's (06/05)
    black courier
    black work (05)

    and i would LOVE to have a black first!! the leather on the black b-bag is simply lush and gorgeous - a must for every b-bag lover i say! :yes:
  11. ^^ were we separated at birth?!?! :nuts:

    p.s. as many of you know, i'm seriously addicted to black bags (especially of the b-bag variety)'s embarrassing to admit the extent of my sickness, but at last count, i had 10 black b-bags, 2 black b-bag clutches & a new '05 black WE on the way...all earning me the esteemed title of the "black b-bag queen" (lol!!!) :queen:
  12. ^^ lol!!! :roflmfao::wlae::yahoo:
  13. I only have 1, a black City. But I think it's cool to have both the First and City.
  14. I just have an 05 black day. I do not think I would want another b-bag in black.
  15. Needless to say I am JEALOUS! I have an itch for some of Balenciaga's colours, too (cafe, sandstone, vert fonce, vert gazon, ocean, and anthracite :heart:).