How Many Black Bags Do You Own?

  1. Ha! I may not own a whole whole lot, but I love black! I have like four black bags and I'm thinking about yet another. The first four bags are the ones I already own, and then the last one is the one I'm contemplating. Oy - tell me I'm not alone!!!:yahoo:
  2. Ugh - and here are the pics....
    BessoDoctor.jpg 609c_1.JPG.jpg cb4e_2.JPG.jpg BESSO BLACK MOTORCYCLE.jpg sexbombBLACK.jpg

    OMG I think at least half of my bag collection are black bags - and I would keep searching for one because I keep thinking there are things that don't feel right with them.. so I feel I am always searching for the perfect black bag!

    My goodness... I think this year so far has been my most colourful year - I only bought 1 black bag hahaha (so far) - but jchiara I think we are both thinking of the same black bag ;)
  4. I only own three, I love color.
  5. I own 5 black bags - 4 chanels and 1 balenciaga. They're all perfect to me, but I've been trying to stop myself from buying anymore black bags due to the lack of variety in my wardrobe that my friends keep commenting about. Neverthelesss, they're classic, versatile and look great, so why stop yourself? :p
  6. Ok - here are a few of the bags I have that I have pictures of - note the key words are "that I have pictures of hahaha"
    And oddly enough - most of them that I have pix of are of Juicy bags! LOL
    15_3.jpg _5326119.jpg bf70_1_sbl.jpg NMV7654_mp.jpg
  7. Tee hee...I own color too!!!!:nuts: My favorites are below that live with my black ones....
    t_278.jpg BessoOrange.jpg MelieYellow.jpg BessoRed.jpg TanoGreen.jpg
  8. OMG I just gotta tell you!
    I just got a Begeren Moorea Tote in PINK!
    I didn't get it in the mail yet and I am already considering getting it in the citrus.... lol TOO MUCH TOO MUCH!
    That's so cool :yahoo:
  9. Get out! I just sold my pink one on eBay!!! Hahahahaha!!! I also sold the Citrus, Nude AND Shamrock Green one!!! Ya think I gotta problem????:nuts:
  10. I have 4 Black bags; A Kooba Braedon, A Kooba Jillian, A Kooba Sienna (I haven't taken a pic yet), and A Botkier Carlton Short Hobo. I think this is all I will need. Th eproblme is I don't have enough color. I just ventured out recently and got some bags other than black and brown.



  11. :roflmfao: I didn't just buy from you did I?!?!?!?!
  13. Hoo hoo! Nope - the goomba that bought it from me has already listed it!!! And you didn't buy it from her because she's still listed. Hey!! I bet you bought ReRe's bag!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!! For like $240 or something like that?????:graucho: Tsk.....they were selling them directly from Begeren for $145!!!!!!
  14. I KNOW! I only found out about this AFTER I WON THE AUCTION! Which kinda suck because in a way I felt I was stupid cuz I didn't do enough research... But it wasn't THAT bad.. after shipping it was just around $200.. but still.. knowing I could have got it for $145 will bother me for a while (not that that it has anything that has got to do with the seller)... :crybaby:

    The seller is suppose to be a fellow TPFer too... I wonder who she is...
  15. Man, I about live in black year round and keep myself to chiefly black and brown bags. This does include LV monogram and Fendi zucca too, hehehe.

    Black bags (so far!)
    Isabella Fiore 'sweet dreams' hobo
    Isabella Fiore 'chain reaction' large hobo
    Prada black patent leather shopper (wow, an oldie from the 90s!)
    Coach Optic shoulder strap tote (black on black and dark grey tones)
    Chloe paddington clutch