How many black bags do you own?


How many black bags do you own?

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  1. Before anyone shoots me, I am sure this question has been asked a million times so would it hurt to ask it once more?


    Just curious to hear everyone's responses!!
  2. 2 - my balenciaga city and a large signature coach hobo. Most of my bags are brown actually - so I really love taking out a black bag :p. Hmm...this makes me think I need some COLOR! Hehehe
  3. Four!

    MJ Multi-Pocket, Kate Spade Hobo, Coach Medium Clip hobo, Coach Medium Carryall

    Plus I have about 5 black dance bags/totes & a black messenger bag! :p
  4. I only have three: two evening clutches and a large every day bag (mizi vienna).
  5. I have 5 or 6. I always find cute BLACK bags......
  6. Not ONE!!
  7. Only one...a Kooba Mackenzie clutch. I do need a larger everyday bag. I'm looking........
  8. Right now, three.
    One Kate Spade tote that is currently in service as a diaper bag.
    One small Coach Hobo that I love, but is too small for all my everyday stuff.
    One black Coach Brief case (does that count?) Which sees almost daily use.

    In the past, I've had as many as 7 or 8 at one time, but I pared down and sold a lot of my stuff in the last two years when I was pregnant and then nursing.

    hmmm... I need a big black bag. I've been eyeing the Kooba Avrey... but must clean out closets first.
  9. At least 5 that I can think of without going to check :yes:
  10. I only have one that I use, a Gucci tote. I do have a Tommy tote that I keep around for situations where I don't want to carry a high-end bag.
  11. Latest buy; my Mink Bvlgari. Both my BV are black, 1 coach wristlet everyday wallet, 1 black benetton, 1 black Furla, 1 Bosca laptop/briefcase.
  12. I have 5.

    An all leather coach bag from years ago, a small gucci to go out, a gucci tote, a multipocket marc jacobs and my new black kooba elisha.

    No more black for me.
  13. 7 (unless I forgot one... or some... ;) )
  14. 2 - my new leather hobo by Esprit (which I bought because I really loved it) and my vintage Chanel.
    I bet I have some more but I really don't remember right now.
  15. i have 6!