How many black bags do you have?

  1. I am thinking maybe I am being unpractical.

    I am contemplating purchasing another black handbag, this would be my fifth.

    How many do you have in your collection and really use.
  2. I currently have five. One is a clutch that is specifically for dressy occasions, one is a chanel classic flap that I use for going out at night, two are my everyday bags, and one is a less expensive bag that I take to work. I think that as long as they all have a purpose, you will use them all.
  3. Let's see...
    - black leather coach Ali
    - black Kooba Ryan tote (black python print)
    - black Isabella Fiore sweet dreams hobo
    - black Isabella Fiore chain reaction hobo
    - black patent leather Prada shopper (1990s vintage, hee hee)
    - black on black Coach signature tote
    - black leather Chloe paddy clutch can never have too much black IMO!! Same with black shoes.
  4. too many that i dont want to count - for me its not about the color so much, but the style of the bag
  5. black: bal men's we'er, ramona biker watersnake. hope to get a chanel classic flap small/mini in black caviar soon and someday a bal black first.
  6. Okay so what do you think of this bag.

  7. its not really my style - but its about what you like - how large is it? have you been eying it for awhile?
  8. Pursegal, you're right. It's only 7 1/2"H x 9"W x 6"D.

    I really don't need such a small handbag.

    its just that I just lost that Chloe and I feel like I have to make it up to myself. feeling bummed here I guess.
  9. I am sorry to hear that - there is another perfect bag around the corner -

    how did you lose it? sorry i didnt see a post on it tonite yet
  10. I am not into black for anything. I'm a colourful person and only wear a limit of about one black item on weekdays for work because it's one of the 'professional' colours. Currently, I have one black bag with golden studs in my closet. But it's not even mine lol. It's my neighbour's, who for some reason, left it with me before she moved. She will be back to claim it though.
  11. None! All my bags are colorful, most of them are pink, lol.
  12. Lets epi speedy,black twiggy,black gucci hobo,black epi noe,
    thats it.(I think):smile:
  13. I have 4 black bags:
    - A leather Coach that can take a beating
    - A leather satchel from Argentina
    - A ridiculously large leather hobo from Mexico
    - A small sequined clutch for nights out
  14. Kooba Sienna (smooth leather)
    Moni Moni Splendor
    Kooba Lucy

    I've sold off 3 others - a Kooba Claudia, Fiore Shir Honor and Besso....
  15. I have two black bags but that's not enough because I carry them all the time. A little black leather purse backpack which I throw over my shoulder to go shopping and run errands. And a vintage Coach city bag which never seems big enough to carry all the stuff I need.

    I love that black purse in the picture Pursegal!