How Many Black Bags Do I Really Need ???

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  1. Hi ladies (and gents) !

    Ok, so I just presaled a Black Prada Satchel from NM ...

    I already have :

    a Marc Jacobs Black Satchel
    a Black Prada Shoulder Bag
    A Black Balenciaga City
    a LV Black MC Alma (does this count? it's very colorful!)

    and was considering a Chanel Cambon Tote...
    AND I WANT a Black Hermes (gonna be a while now I think)

    now I already have the MJ bag listed on ebay and I was thinking of listing the Balenciaga also ...

    what do you guys think??? Too many? Sell another or just keep???

  2. Great collection! I personally can never have enough black bags (or shoes) so that's wonderful. As long as you get use out of each, why not? If you aren't using one or more for whatever reason, might be time to sell.
  3. I agree. I love black bags :heart: At the moment, I've only got 3 (LV epi alma, LV epi pochette and Chanel quilted with gold hardware). I tend to use the Alma during the day, the pochette during the day and night depending on my outfit and the Chanel at night if I'm wearing gold jewellery. So, I think if you're using them all then I wouldn't sell them. Black bags are classic - you'll have them forever
  4. Thanks!! The LV is definitely a keeper :love: - my very first big designer bag!

    I am hoping the MJ bag sells as I don't use that one much ... I always feel like to get a new one I HAVE to let one go and seems like way too much BLACK ...

    I have a few other colors, Blueberry and Griege Balenciagas, a Navy Prada and a Brown Fendi ... and am planning on getting a White Balenciaga in the spring ...

    yep, I think SOMETHING else has to go ... :shrugs:
  5. Know what you mean, I, too, have a thing for black bags, they are so classy and look great with everything. I usually sell one when I feel I'm getting overloaded in black, however, if you still use it and love it, keep it!!
  6. I never get rid of black bags - they will always be stylish. Just like I need over 10 pairs of black shoes, I need lots of black bags. That said, if I had to give one of your collection up, I think MJ was the way to go. Enjoy your new bag!
  7. Who said anything about needing anything? Hey, I go with how many do I want and what do I want and then the icky question can I afford it?
  8. Depends on your wardrobe. For example, I wear a lot of black in my wardrobe so multiple black bags to rotate are a plus.
  9. Did you get the gauffre satchel? I saw that and was hoping people from the forum would get it.
  10. Each of your black bags has a different look, therefore different purpose. Kinda like how many black shoes can you need ? Infinite in my opinion. KEEP.
  11. You can never have enough black bags, and the thing is everyone is different because of the design
  12. I don't think black makes a difference... if there's a bag you're not using a lot, then go ahead and sell it, regardless of the color. No point in keeping a bag you don't use!
  13. Black bags are the most versatile for me. Different styles, different looks, different moods, are all good reasons to have an assortment of black bags.

  14. Nope, I got this one

    Prada - Nylon and Leather Tote -

    I bought from NM in Chicago and got 30% off tho :wlae:
  15. hi! i totally agree with fendigal. NEED? nope we all don't need another bag- in any color. if you can - than do. its your life right? but if u r looking for a nudge- yeah u came to the right place! nice tote!