How many black bags can you have!?!?!?!?

  1. Just wondering.....I've got Black Box Bolide and am thinking about a 28cm black Box souple Kelly to switch on and off with Mizz Chocolate Kelly (who, by the way really needs a rest). I wear lots of black and jeans w/t's...... Is it too much to have two black Box H bags in ones collection???? :oh:
  2. no ! :lol: as long as it not exactly the same it is fine
  3. Oooh, I am the wrong person to talk to on this subject. I have 15 bags and 10 are black. I'm just in my comfort zone with black.
  4. My SA is on the look out for a 28cm Black Box Kelly for me (you'd think these would be falling out of trees but noooooooo) but he's trying to convince me to go for a 32. I've always thought a Box Kelly looks somehow more chic in the smaller size....?
  5. That's exactly the bag I'm looking for! Good thing you live on the West Coast. LOL! Now that you mention it, I rarely see any 28's, lots of 32's, though.
  6. I think the smaller size would look very chic on you! And I don't think you can ever have too many black bags. :biggrin: They just go with everything!
  7. I know....anyone have a 28cm Kelly????
  8. Yeah, can't go wrong with black anything...GO FOR IT!
  9. I have a 28cm in gold, rigide-style, so it looks more dressy, IMO. I'm petite, so the larger sizes tend to look disproportionate. Because the Kelly does not have the tote-like appearance of the Birkin, I can't get away with a larger size. Why don't you try the 32cm on for size and check yourself in the mirror, Shopmom? You can always say no.
  10. I have the 32cm Chocolate Sellier Kelly which has a little slouch to it and I love it and the size is great. Any bigger and I'd look like I was carrying luggage. I just thought that with a rigid construction a 28cm would look bigger than it really know what I mean? And the Box would make it more dressy so I could use it for evenings out too. I think....I wish there was one that I could try on or even just look at but it looks like this size is one I'll have to wait for....
  11. A 28 black souple Kelly would be great and can actually hold quite a bit! When you need to carry more, use the choco. Kelly or Bolide.

    I agree with you shopmom...the Kellys do look a bit better in the small size. It is stunning in the 28. I do love them in 32, but the larger you go it takes a way a tiny bit from the look of the bag. For some reason in the larger size I think one should go with a color maybe...for black a 28.

    Mine is also souple and box with gold hw. Now, I LOVE PALLADIUM HW, but for some reason I think the Kelly 28 in black really is a stunner with the gold. I have seen one all the same with palladium and I think the gold is the icing on the cake. (My opinion of course)

    It is not too small and I can really stash alot in there. It is to die for and you will have zero regret.

    What more can I say, but get your hands on is the MOST CLASSIC BAG OF THEM ALL! (guess that makes me feel better since I can't get my hands on anything lately)
  13. Nice thoughts, KB! I'm so glad you have that gorgeous, classic Kelly and you're going to love the Birkin when it comes!!
  14. I agree Greentea, I think the birkin stork will be visiting KB soon!!!
  15. HEHE! I hope so! She deserves it!