How many Birkins/Kellys do we have altogether

  1. Someone started a thread like this in the Balenciaga forum, and I thought it was a great idea. The poster asked us to state how many Bbags we have and then keep a running total. I thought it might be fun to see how many Birkins and Kellys we have collectively. I'll start.
    I have:
    1 Birkin
    1 Kelly
    Grand Total:
    Birkins: 1
    Kellys: 1

    The next poster should state how many Birkins/Kellys they have and then add their numbers to the grand total.:P
  2. I don't have any as of yet, but I will soon. graucho:
  3. I have 1 Kelly

    New grand total:

    2 Kellys
    1 Birkin
  4. 1 Birkin for me

    2 Kellys
    2 Birkins
  5. 2 birkins and counting . . .

    Grand total:

    Kellys - 2
    Birkins - 4
  6. I'll add:

    New Grand total:

    Note: to future posters--check to see posting times (in case people cross-post!) so you can edit your answer if necessary.
  7. I have 2 Kellys & 2 Birkins

    New Grand Total:
    Kellys: 4
    Birkins: 11
  8. I have one Birkin and one Kelly.
    New total is:

    Kelly - 5

    Birkin - 12
  9. I have 3 Birkins & 3 Kellys

    New Grand Total:

    Kelly - 8
    Birkin - 15
  10. Oh, I can't wait to play! One day (hopefully soon)! Great collections ladies!
  11. I have 2 kellys and well...waiting on 1 birkin (2 for sale)

    Kelly - 10
    Birkin - 16
  12. More than I care to admit to...
  13. I have 5 kelly's and 6 Birkins

    Kelly - 15
    Birkin - 22
  14. bagg!!! ack!!! care to part with any soon!?? :biggrin:

    1 Birkin

    hoping for that 1 Kelly reaalllly soon

    new total:

    Kelly- 15
    Birkin- 23
  15. that's about $275,000 US right--there holy sh*t

    ps thats not including croc and exotic bags or resellers prices. i just calculated an average of $6k per Kelly and $8k per Birkin. Im sure the real price thus far is closer to $400k. and how many of us have answer thus far- like 8 people?? haha i dont know why i find this so amusing.