How many Birkins in a year?

  1. I was reading another thread in this forum which mentioned a customer at Hermes is alloted one Birkin per year. Is this true? Or, how many have you been able to purchase directly from the store in a year??

    TIA :flowers:
  2. I was just told that it was one per year as well...wondered if that was a new policy because I have purchased 2 there before that...I wonder if they call it by calendar year or by date of purchase?? hmmmm
  3. I've been told the same thing as well. I hadn't bought any Birkins yet but my SA did say that they'll make an exception to the 1 Birkin per year rule if I buy the diamond Birkin.:lol:
  4. You can order 2 per year...1 at the February podium and another at the July. You can however order 1 Birkin and 1 Kelly/Bolide, etc. at the same time. This would be for orders only...doesn't include any you find on the shelves:smile:
  5. I think it probably varies with stores and SAs ... My SA said the ones off the shelf counts, but I've also heard other members said otherwise. I guess if the customer has a great relationship with the store, they will probably make exceptions.
  6. I think the rules are that you can ORDER one,(unless you are a vip), but buy "off the shelf" however many you manage to see... on display. Small satelite stores will hardly ever put one out, so the "one a year rule" will be more strictly enforced.:flowers:
  7. UGGHHH! I was hoping someone would say otherwise....I swear, this bag is addicting. I have Kelly bags, but ever since buying my first Birkin, it's like "move over, I want another". :crybaby:
  8. I also heard that 1 per year and you can buy as many as you want by walking into the store-'off the shelves'. Official rule is 1 per year, but it looks like it varies by your relationship with the store.

    I know someone who bought 3 Birkins on the same day...:nuts: (I want to be able to find mutiple Birkins like that on the same day:crybaby: )
  9. If you live near a store, or/and visit them whenever you travel, you are likely to find one pretty fast:yes:
  10. I guess my relationship with the stores probably isn't that great then if they tell me the off the shelf counts as well ... the ostrich HAC would've been an off-the-shelf if I had bought it.:crybaby:
  11. kou, don't cry. :flowers: remember, they're FRENCH -- it's "rules, schmools"* to them. looking for any uniformity of application is a futile endeavor.

    * except in preparing souffle or holandaise sauce.
  12. there is such a rule, they always say.... but there are the bags on display that you can always buy and does not count to your one/year limit. they say, kellys don't even count.

    it really depends on your relationship with the store. i bought all my bags in one store all these years (except for the recent birkin vert anis) and luckily, i didn't have to adhere to the one birkin/year rule.

    good luck!
  13. My store is alloted a certain quota of Birkins at the podium in which you can order. Clients can probably order depending on availability in the quota. Then, after the podium, there are "special orders" in which depending if you're a VIP or not, you get a spot!

    On the shelf, I think you can buy as much as you want if you're lucky and there are always Birkins available that are not reserved.

    This year alone, I could have bought 4-5 if I wanted to. So far, I only bought one and waiting for a red one to come.

  14. Did you have to purchase 'other' items between Birkins, (as to not adhere towards the 'evil' rule)??
  15. It helps shows that you are a genuine Hermes customer, dedicated and loyal. Having said that though, I do not recomend you buy stuff you do not want just to get on their good side. Maybe during holiday/gift giving season, or for someones birthday you can give a hermes parfume to someone, or a scarf or a tie? and build it up that way without having a closet full of unwanted things:flowers: