How Many Birkins do Hemres Produce Per Year....

  1. How Many Birkins do Hemres Produce Per Year.. and how long does it take for them to make it... I hears 12 hours... I am just fascinated by the BIRKIN!
  2. thousands?
  3. One article said that it take 12-15 hours to make one birkin. It would be fun to get an idea of their production for all the various bags.
  4. i thought it took 2 weeks to make a birkin
  5. Here's an interesting fact: The craftspeople who sweat the least are in charge of stitching the easily marked leathers. Seriously.
  6. Yeah, I'd be chewing my nails to bits to be a Hermes craftsmen --but I'd love to what them at work.
  7. PA, good question. I read somewhere on how many bags Hermes makes a year (not just Birkins) and it's a low number in comparison to other companies bags that are mass produced. I can't remember what the number was though, and I don't want to answer incorrectly.
  8. How many stores worldwide? How many Birkins, on average do they get per year? My store would be at least 100 in a year...
  9. I think I read from somewhere about Hermes Produces 5 birkins per week.Go calculate.
  10. ^ It must be more than that...? That's only 260 Birkins a year...Paris alone gets twice that many.
  11. Yeah, it's 5 Birkins a week, per atelier. Hermes currently has 12 maroquinerie ateliers in France. So, given that the whole of France goes on vacation for the whole of August (by law), that's about 48 weeks, so that comes to 2,880 Birkins. :nuts: But it's still not enough!
  12. I wonder how many Kelly's and Boldie's are made in a year for comparison
  13. 200
    birkin 14hrs
    40hr week
    3 birkins per week per craftsperson

    600 approx per week

    still adds up to a lot
    they pay 600 aus dollars per croc skin
    so there quids in really

    wonder if the quality is going to go
    opening all these extra boutiques
  14. No, that statistic is old...they have more in production now...there was an article about it a few months back, and everyone was complaining that the quality would suffer, or that the bag would no longer so so exclusive. I'll try and dig it up.
  15. Didn't they quite recently add more workers too?