How many BBags do YOU take on vacation?


How many BBags would you take on a 7 day vacation?

  1. 1-2 (one for day and one for Night)

  2. 2-3 (one for day, one for shopping and one for night)

  3. 3-5 (Just in case... ;)

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  1. I'm going snowboarding to New Zealand in 3 weeks and we will be staying there for 7 days.We are going there with another couple, close friends of ours, and are planning on going snowboarding (and maybe a little bit of shopping;)) during the day and going out to dinner and maybe also party a few times in the evenings. So my question is:
    How many BBags would you take on this vacation? Looking forward to reading your responses!:yes::heart:
  2. I am just trying to decide this as I am packing for San Diego.

    I think I will take 3. My Weekender to get to and from. My Day for day shopping and a First for at night.
  3. Ha ha ha..I was just thinking about this too! For my Europe trip, I am bringing only one- my Day. It should be really easy to deal with when walking around. But now i wonder if I should bring the black City instead since I can wear that as a shoulder bag more than one, though.
    However, for you, if you're going out at night, etc., I would bring a smaller one also for sure!
  4. I leave later this week to go to America & will take both my First & City. I put my First in the dustbag inside my City & use the City as a carry on.

    I'd probably take only as many as I could fit as carry ons. I wouldn't want to put them in my checked baggage.
  5. Marie - when I went on vacation for spring break, I brought two - my black work and my marron city - and my family teased me the whole time! AND, I never let them out of my sight! The work was great for the magazines, brochures, snacks, sweatshirts, and I carried the marron into restaurants, sightseeing, etc. Worked out great!
  6. If for a 7 days or short vacation, i will only bring along two bags. They are first & work/WE bag.......:love::love:
  7. I was just wondering the same thing, so thanks for posting this question, MarieG!

    We are going to Hawaii, so I'm thinking maybe just one Bbag for me (for evenings out) - or maybe none?

    We will mostly be at the pool and beach, so I'm not sure I need a Bbag with me....but 12 days without a Bbag seems like so long! I would be having major withdrawal! :p
  8. I've been away for 3 months and took all my bbags, mind you I have only have 3 (a day, city & first) proper bags plus my oval clutch & planets. They are so light that they made perfect sense though I did bring an LV just for rough weather ;)!!!! Five in all the last being my chanel HG whom I could not bear to be without. I go back in 2 days and look forward to seeing my other babies at home and rediscovering them.
  9. I think it depends on your vacation, how long, where, etc....

    Unfortunately for me, I haven't gone on vacation since discovering B bags.

    I will be going on a yoga retreat in September. Given the nature of this retreat (lots of yoga, meditation walks, etc...) I don't think I will be taking any of my b bags :wtf: I will probably take a coin purse (but first I have to buy one :yes:).

    If I were going on a sight seeing vacation, I would most definitely bring my sandstone messenger. Probably one other bag, maybe an Ink Purse or Black Day.

    Have fun on all your trips everyone!!!
  10. Normally I just take one weekender. But next week I'm going to Puerto Rico and I'm probably just taking a nylon backpack since I will be spending all my time on the beach or at the pool.
  11. For a 7days trip, I'd take 3 of them.

    1 Work/WE(depending on how long the drive/flight is), 1 City to use during the day, and 1 Oval for going out.

    Enjoy your trip to NZ! I'd love to got there as well....well, hopefully soon:yes:
  12. Thats the sort of thing I would have said although I don't have a Weekender, so would use my city and don't have a Day so would probably use my city for this too. But if you have these bags then Jewelqueen's s a good suggestion.
  13. Im going to hawaii in Aug and i plan on taking my courier as a carry on, and bringing a twiggy, as well as a chanel flap for dinners and such
  14. I think the # depends on your activities. I get nervous leaving my Bbags in hotel rooms. And if you're going to be active and out - like your snowboarding vacation or a beach vacation, I would only take one.

    For me, I'm usually traveling for work and typically take a City for work and a Shoulder for going out/weekends.
  15. Depends on the trip but I would take two at the most,if it was 7 days or 15 days, so that's what I voted for. If I had a big event or party to go to I wouldn't take a Bal, I'd take a Chanel or a small clutch. And for day I 'd take a Purse or Day(don't have one yet,though!). You want your hands free! ;)

    For summer vacations we usually go to the greek islands where there's too much sun, wind, sand and humidity, so I take a cotton purse that multitasks as day bag/beach bag, and a LV pochette for evening.

    I haven't gone on a ski trip since I was little so I don't have any specific advice for that, sorry!