How many BBags do you own?

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How many BBags do you currently own?

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  2. 4 - 7

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  1. Please tell me so I feel sane!!!:shame:

    (And so I can show my SO that I'm not the only one:sweatdrop:)

    Looking forward to your responses!:yes::heart:
  2. I have four and i am sure it is going to build up again when Fall colors come out soon.:tup:
  3. I have 5 bags and 1 toilet case, and I've been trying to stop myself from driving out and getting that gorgeous Athracite First or City that I saw the other day..the leather on those bags were so tempting!!
    My back account balance isn't looking happy though..haha
  4. I have 7: 1 First, 1 Twiggy, 4 RH Cities and 1 GH City. Looking forward to 2 more in the Autumn.
  5. Hi all,

    I am new to this forum and got 3 Bbags at the moment (a black Day, an ink Day and an Apple Green First on its way) .. and I'm on the waitlist for a Jaune/Marigold First. :graucho:
  6. I currently have 5 twiggies, 1 mini twiggy, 2 box's, 2 shoulder, 1 toilet, 1 boobie, 4 mini coin purses, 1 coin wallet.

    And another box and a day on its way.
  7. How about you MarieG???
    I have:
    Pre TPF
    caramel first
    black shopping

    After joining the TPF
    white box
    silver city
    naturel city
    red bowling
    blueberry bowling
    cobalt GH brief

    To come:
    white oval clutch
    jeune step
  8. I have 5: A black First, a black City, a RV Purse, a cornflower Shoulder and a BI Purse (on its way)
    ...and 1 accessory: a RV Money:heart:
  9. I only have one. A Cornflower First. I've been dabbling with Chloe, LV, and Chanel, too. However, I can definitely see another BBag in my future. I'm thinking black.

    The BBag in Cornflower is my favorite bag.
  10. I have 3: black city, rouge vif box, and an ink purse. =) I so badly want a white city, but I have to wait a little while. =(
  11. I only have 1 now that I sold my black city. That's definitely going to change soon though... I'm going to be sooo broke after the new fall bags come out!:yes:
  12. I have 6

    2 cities
    1 work
    1 weekender
    1 wallet
    1 boobie (on route)
  13. If I have kept every bag I have bought and sold, I would seriously have at least 30! Currently my collection is:

    05 Bordeaux City
    05 Ink Twiggy
    05 Apple Green City
    05 Black Day
    07 Vert Gazon Twiggy (on ebay)

    My LE Magenta rh will be added soon and I would LOVE a marine hobo and a marigold city or day.
  14. i only have one at the moment, not in the motorcycle style, i don't know the name of this model, and i was not able to discver it. BUt i'm looking for the next one, hoping to find it as soon as possible :smile:
  15. Here are my current Bbags:

    04 Aviator Brown Shearling Twiggy
    03 Suede Multi-zip Bag
    02 Caramel Flat Brass First
    2004 Rose Twiggy
    2006 Emerald Twiggy
    2006 Cornflower Blue Twiggy
    2007 Vert deau Twiggy
    2005 Apple Green Work Bag
    2005 Chocolate (Marron) Work Bag
    2006 Cornflower Blue Accessory Makeup Bag
    2007 GH Aquamarine Work
    2007 GH White City
    2004 Pistachio City
    2005 Sky Blue City
    2005 Calcaire City
    2004 Eggplant City
    2005 Magenta City
    2006 Blueberry City
    2005 Pewter City
    2005 Rouge Theatre Shopping Bag
    2004 Marigold First
    2006 Grey First
    2004 Rose First
    2006 Toile Black Leather Trimmed Bag
    06 Caramel City
    03 Mastic Messenger
    Pink Metallic First
    Pink Metallic City

    I think that's 28 - and I'll have to check that to make sure that I haven't left anything out.

    I have bronchitis, and I am on Advair and Prednisone, and I'm wired. I'm bouncing off the walls, so I'll be posting like crazy today. But of course, I have written down about sixteen projects that I'm going to start on in the next half hour. :idea: