How many Bbags do you have?

  1. It's a stupid question I know, but I'm so curious, I want to know how many B bags you have and which ones?
    ( you can post pics yes pleaseeeeee:yahoo: )

    I have 7 ( black first, grey first, cornflower first,white city, caramel city, rouge theatre work, white day)
  2. I have 3 (black first, grenat city and cornflower work) I'll post pics soon :yes: ;)
  3. The cornflower work must be beautiful, can't wait to see it
  4. ^^^Where's your pictures?:lol: :P

    Anyway, this is what I have (so far):

    * Caramel '03 City
    * Black '05 Work
    * Rouge VIF Large Bowling
    * Emerald Courier
    * Black clutch
    * Lilac '04 Clutch

    I'll take pictures this weekend!
  5. Look at my avatar!!!!!!
  6. ^^^Oh- can I jump in!
  7. Let's see ...

    ink city
    rouille twiggy
    emerald box
    rouge vif courier
    magenta clutch

    I guess that is 5 and counting .... I need to take photos
  8. 2 - rouille day and apple green city.

    <--- See avatar. ;)
  9. I tough the apple green was a first.
  10. i have quite a few:wlae: :jammin:
  11. Since I decided this is my new bag addiction, I've acquired 5 since August. It was 6 but the first one I bought (Bordeaux PURSE) I returned last night..too veiny. Hoping to buy one more this weekend....
  12. A very humble 3. :shame: An '05 bordeaux city, an '06 white classique, and an '06 camel day. Baby number 4 is on the way though.....I'm on the preorder list for a blue india city and I can't wait!!!!! :yahoo:
  13. 8 (counting accessories)

    <---see avatar

    05 Rouge Theatre First, City and newly arrived Work!!! (not yet pictured)
    03 Black First (with pewter hardware!)
    Ink City
    Rouille Box
    Magenta Shoulder and coin purse
  14. I have 2

    a beautiful rouille work
    a smooshy and lovely rouge vif city

    but I am planning to get a twiggy soon, either lilac or blue india
  15. 7, all Twiggys

    04 Black
    05 Sky Blue
    06 Emerald
    06 Rouille
    06 Cornflower
    06 Grey
    06 Ink

    I am culling them down though. Ink and Sky Blue are going. I so hope that I don't have sellers remorse over them!

    I wish you well,

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