How many bbags do you currently own?


How many bbags do you currently own???

  1. 0, but hoping for one soon...

  2. 1

  3. 2-5

  4. 6-10

  5. 11-20

  6. 20-30

  7. 31+ ,& lusting for more!

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  1. ...not what u have owned altogether or plan to own, but in the moment!

    Thought we'd do a census and see approximately how many b bags we own as a whole group of bbag lovers and collectors! :idea:

    How about a poll with approx. range of bbags checked off, but on the thread itself, whenever someone makes a new post, he or she can add (or subtract if their count has changed in the course of the thread being active...) their own number to the preceding postees' and type in the new total! :party:

    hope that makes sense...! :sad:
  2. 3!

    next postee just add to my total! :yes:
  3. myself = 3
    group = 6
  4. Use to have about 7 now Im down to 0, but working on getting 1 again lol!
  5. I have 4

    NEW group total is 10
  6. I have 2. Will be purchasing my 3rd in the next few weeks I think.
  7. i have one, deciding what to purchase as my second tomorrow!
  8. i have 7 and looking for more!
  9. I have 7.

    New group total = 27
    (29 if you count elle's and msflutter's future purchases) :graucho:
  10. I have three.
    New group total = 23
  11. msflutter you naughty girl!!! just as long as it's not that blue beauty i've got my eye on...hehe.

    currently i have 0, but i will hopefully get my first one this weekend. :yahoo:
  12. I have 15.
    new group total = 45

    I don't foresee stopping anytime soon. :nuts:
  13. i have 2

    current total: 47

    ...and counting...
  14. I have 6

    Group total: 53
  15. I have 5
    total = 58