How many bags would you own in the same style?

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  1. Maybe an odd question but I'm curious to see how many people here own multiples of the same style. We've seen some members have 5+ more CZ's but anyone have, say, 4 stellas or 5 mp's just all in different colors?

    I'm obsessive so when I find a style I like - I stick with it for AGES and proceed to purchase it in many colors - my friends, family and boyfriend are NOT supportive of this habit I have.

    So - What's your HG bag that you have in multiple colors?
  2. Stella, I have 4:P. I just got a sofia and I :heart: it so there may be more sofia/sophia's in my future.
  3. i have two large mp's and two striping bags not in the same style, but they look similar. i'm all about buying the same bags in different colors especially if i really love the style.
  4. I have a couple of bags that I own multiple of. If I like the style I don't see anything wrong with owning it in a couple different colors. I do need to clear out some of my unused bags though. The bags I have duplicates of are:

    7 Zip Clutches
    6 Venetias
    3 Blakes
    2 Stellas
    2 E/W Mix Quilted Totes
    2 Seventies Satchels
    2 Little Stams
    2 Selmas
  5. Dang Melly! You are the WOMAN!

    I have:

    4 Venetias - I love them so... but I can't buy another... but it is TEMPTING
    2 Kleins - kinda want to break down and round it out with another... shivers.
  6. You've hit upon the one compulsion that I constantly fight (to no avail). I did have 14 Juicy Couture Baby Fluffs - however I've sold most of them (at a loss mind you) But, those were on the cheap side so it didn't matter much, that is until I added the sum total of those bags times $250.00 a pop.

    I'm hoping that I never get as bad as Victoria Beckam... I have duplicates in most of my Louis Vuitton bags and I have A Dr. Q. Groovee in a few colors. Otherwise that's it, Oh and a Kooba Talia in Black & Pink. Not so bad!
  7. Melly you could open an MJ Museum with that collection. You are so lucky. Your tower of clutches is mind-boggling...

    Anyway, I have 3 MP's! And I love them all equally.

    Large Black MP with silver H/W
    Small Black MP with silver H/W
    Small Silver MP with brushed silver H/W (just received this yesterday and it is truly TDF!

    I just find them so easy to carry and functional, and I plan on collecting more in the future.
  8. I've had multiple Sophias (but sold them) and now I have multiple Stellas. The Stella is my favorite MJ bag EVER. :smile:
  9. I loved the Sophia so much I have one in Lilac and one in Sap Green :smile:
    I also now have two ZC's. Orange & Merlot.

    I am looking for another large MP in a different color, and would do the same for my Stella. A few of my bags I love, but not enough to get in another color (ie:Guinievere. LOVE the color of her, but not that there is no zip closure on top.)
  10. I don't know where it is, but Melly's posted her MJ Family Photo and it's stunning! It's like walking into a rainbow of an MJ collection! :love: We love ya, Melly (and your collection too!)!

    I'm ALL ABOUT buying in multiples. I don't think I own any style handbag that I don't own in multiples. And if I don't have it in multiples, I usually PLAN on having it in multiples.
  11. Holy mamoley!

    If you don't mind me asking, how many MJ items do you have, total?
  12. Oh god this is embarrassing to admit but including wallets I have around 47 Marc Jacobs items. :shame::shame:
  13. I'd love to see your *family* shot.:love:

  14. :wtf:

    *pets her measly 1 MJ bag* It's OK... you won't be lonely for much longer.... :crybaby:
  15. :blush: I will try to take a family picture this weekend but until then here is the older one Fatefullotus was referring to: