How Many Bags, Scarves, Other Trinkets do you currently own?

  1. I apologize if this has already been done, but I thought it might be fun see just how many items from Hermes we currently have in our closets,drawers, armoires, etc. If you think it's best not to count, or try to count, :rolleyes:I understand.
    As for me, I started down this road @2.5 years ago. Currently, I own:

    Bags: 12
    Scarves: 2
    Jewelry, etc: 8

    Somehow, it feels like more than that, though...
  2. a bunch of horsey stuff:
    saddle, saddle pad, set of polo wraps, some pillow wraps (that came apart in the wash and are now tack cleaning rags-- grrrrr), spurs, dressage whip, short hacking/jumping crop (in vibrato leather!), breeches, rocabar vest.

    some ready to wear: a couple shirts and sweaters, suede jeans, a leather fedora-ish hat, a scarf print beret

    two belts (and one on the way, blush), three pairs of shoes and one pair of boots (and one on the way, blush)

    seventy or so scarves.

    OK, guilt is hitting and i think i'm going to quit counting now.

    somehow it fells like less than that though, . . . .
  3. You got the boots!!! :nuts: Congrats!!
  4. DQ, to me , your life sounds amazing!!! I have never sat on a horse in my life!! But I love to hear about your life
  5. I have a small collection; I started buying scarves 7 years ago. So far I have:
    10 full size scarves
    1 pointu
    3 scarf rings (I bought them after seeing how fabulous rose modeled them)
    1 twilly
    3 bags (1 picotin and 2 lindys)
  6. Hiya

    My collection to date;

    4 scarves - though I think one of them is a fake as it was bought from eBay but I still love the design

    1 cadena - pegasus in silver

    1 bag - Evelyne TPM in Blue Jean

    Am hoping to add to the collection in September when I'm over in Paris....:sweatdrop:
  7. So far i have:

    2 bags -- BJ Birkin 30 and Potiron Birkin 35
    2 scarves
    2 twillies
    2 keychains -- Tiger and Raspberry
    1 jewelry item -- Kelly Double Tour

    9 in all.