How many bags per season?

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  1. Just wondering - do any of you gals limit the number of bags you will purchase each season? or rank them? I'm trying but it is oh so difficult to do. I put together a list of all things I need to purchase each season, ie. 5 white tees, black sandals, etc. When it comes to Bbags the list gets obscene. I know I should be happy with just one but if there is any extra cash....
    As of now I have a work Grenat from pre-fall and Camel from the fall line preordered. I travel to NYC in Aug. every year to see the shoes at Louboutin, my other weakness, and so I fully expect to stop by Bal NY and pick up another color because I can't leave that store empty handed. I know it all seems sick but tell me I'm not alone...
  2. Well, I havent limited my self persay, I just started my Bbag madness a few months ago, and can say PHEW!! IM DONE!! I have:
    06' ink city
    05' apple city
    05' indigo twiggy
    05' magenta first
    05' black city
    and an
    04' turquoise city Im a very happy:biggrin: and satisfied girl!!:graucho:
  3. kimmie, your collection is TDF. I literally drool each time I see those beautiful bbags of yours:love::love:
  4. kimmie, great bal color palette. i have been collecting bal bags since 2002, but i really out did myself this year..they are sooo ddicting, but fabulous!!!!!!
  5. gorgeous collection kimmie & your magenta first really completes it!!!
  6. Shoegal, to answer your question, my opinion is that you can't put a specific number on how many bags to buy each season, you just have to consider: what you already have, what you need, and what you can afford--and then make a little room for those impulse purchases that always seem to happen in NY!! As someone who has bought way too many bags this season, I would suggest ranking them so you know which ones you REALLY want, and which can wait until later.
  7. What an awesome collection~~~!!!!:love: especially that twiggy, yummy!!!!
  8. I'll be lucky if I have the willpower to save up for one. too many other affordable bags wants
  9. Ranskimmie--your collection is amazing!!!! :smile:

    As for for how many Balenciaga bags per season, I'm new to Balenciaga(just joined the addiction this month) so I've only purchased one so far, but I'm planning on buying another one from this upcoming season and then another one for the Spring and so on. So, it'll be one Bbag per season for me(well, I'm going to try to limit myself to one per season. lol). :smile:
  10. Limit? What limit? :graucho:

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