How many bags have you bought since january 1st?

  1. Ok, seeing as we are 'half way' throught the year just wondering what bags you've bought since jan 1st and how much money you've spent on them in total and what's next on your list!

    Here's mine:
    Tabitha Quinny (£100 -in sale)
    Mulberry Antony (£195)
    Orla Kiely sling bag (£55 -in sale)
    Alison van der lande - daisy doo bag (£245)

    grand total spent = £595

    OMG didn't realise I'd spent so much :wtf: No more bags for me till xmas! (Then i might get another Orla Kiely.)

    So come on - tell all!!!
  2. My hubby may read this, then I'll be in big trouble. :sweatdrop: Hehehe.
  3. I have bought 3 bags since 1st of Jan. they are as follows:

    Chloe clutch (NAP sale) £178
    Chanel mini flap £850
    Pre loved Marc Jacobs £110

    Not buying any more bags for a very long time!!!!:crybaby:
  4. I'm really hoping my DH doesn't read this :graucho:
  5. I'm owning 5 right now.. But I have some that I sold out already.. such as the 2 Jumbo Chanels that I sold, some LVs, etc. etc. I really can't remember the count.. But I'm owning 5 right now..
  6. Oh dear. Time to face the music.
    1. Gryson Zoe Hobo (on sale)
    2. Hogan Tabbed Leather Hobo (presale NM)
    3. Clutch Me, Belen Echandia 30% off sale
    4. Stroke Me, Belen Echandia 30% off sale
    5. Gerard Darel 24-Heures in black (on sale)
    6. Tod's Moccassino in black (on sale at outlet)
    7. Gerard Darel 24-Heures in gold (on sale) that I want to sell.
    8. Gucci Messenger regular price
    I'm just making up for lost time since I started collecting so late in life...
    Time for a BIG VACATION from buying handbags.
  7. 1) Balenciaga medium city in red
    2) Chloe clutch
    3) Fendi east/west bag
    4) aquired (not bought) a disfunctional LV speedy
  8. I've been kinda crazy the last 2 months..I went from having a 0 bag designer collection to 12 bags :wtf: However, I did buy them all on sale..but it still adds up to a TON of money...I'm officially on purse ban til 2008.

    I've bought:
    1) Botkier Bianca Medium Satchel in gunmetal
    2) Bulga Ruched Tote in banana
    3) Chloe front pocket paddington satchel in metallic bleu nuit
    4) Chloe front pocket paddington satchel in tan
    5) Chloe python doctor bag in metallic gold
    6) Chloe python silverado in muscade
    7) Chloe python silverado in whiskey
    8) Chloe betty chain satchel in black
    9) Chloe large betty tote in brun ( I might return this)
    10) Chloe silverado hobo in chocolate ( I might return this)
    11) Chloe paddington tote with shoulder strap in red
    12) YSL medium muse in calfhair - black/bronze

    :wtf::wtf::wtf: WAY WAY WAY too much money for me to be spending...For all of these bags though I paid half price or I guess that kind of helps justify my purchases
  9. Yikes... my poor bf has been buying my stuff for me... this is what he's got me so far:

    LV Batignolles Horizantal :drool: about 600 pounds i think.
    LV black multicolor pochette, $200.
    LV cherry blossom pochette
    Christian Dior logo charms, leather in beige $550
    Christian Dior Diorissimo red-beige shopper

    I have all these to pick when I return to the States!
  10. marc by marc jacobs black leather clutch with wristlet
    2 furla small totes in mock croc, one in grey blue patent, the other in black patent
    chloe metallic navy small paddington
    chloe betty shopper in sand
    chloe paddington shopper in black with black hardware
    2 lesportsac bags
    1 yellow leather continental wallet
    1 small red leather wallet
  11. Kooba Jillian (returned)
    Kooba Dylan (returned)
    MbMJ Turnlock Faridah (returned)
    Linea Pelle Dakota (returned)
    Andrew Marc bag (can't remember name)(returned)
    Anna Corinna Drawstring Butterscotch (returned)
    Anna Corinna Mini City Butterscotch (Kept)
    Anna Corinna Mini City Black (Kept)
    Anna Corinna Drawstring Tobacco (Kept)
    Total: Bought 9 Returned 6 = Kept 3

    Whew, No Wonder I'm Exhausted!!!!:sleepy:
  12. 3,
    Furla Farrah in Black
    MbyMJ Faridah in Chamoise
    Michael Kors wristlet

    Sold a Coach small tote.
  13. Wow...
  14. Oh man, do we have to NAME them all? I don't know if I can remember that far back...LOL Let's see, from what I can remember:

    1. Botkier Crosby Top Handle (sold)
    2. Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo in Olive (returned)
    3. Gustto Large Parina in Khaki (kept)
    4. Kooba Paige in Bourbon (just sold)
    5. Kooba Sienna Floral Embossed (kept)
    6. Hayden Harnett Pilot Clutch in Vintage Gold (kept)
    7. Hayden Harnett Dominique Satchel in Cream (returning)
    8. Hayden Harnett Gaza Large Travel Satchel- Mocha/Chalk (kept)
    9. Hayden Harnett Carryall in Gold (kept)
    10. Hayden Harnett Pallenberg Duffle in Saffron (on its way!)
    11. Hayden Harnett Ana Frame Bag in Plum (on its way!)

    Hmmm, that's all I can remember for now! Note all the recent Hayden Harnett purchases from the sale! :p
  15. (1) Jimmy Choo JC7 (2) Anja Flint Carter (3) Tumi shoulder bag (4) Kale Tate (5) Allison Burns Atomic (6) Renata Minelli hobo (7) Coach Carly (8) Prada hobo (9) Anna Corinna mini city tote (10) LeSportSac messenger (11) Burberry cosmetic case (12) Dooney Bumble Bee duffle. Wow, this really adds up...