How many bags have you bought since 2008 began?

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  1. I am up to 4.

    Kind of sad since it's only April, that's a bag a month!!

    But definately could be worse.

    Taking a break for a bit and then will probably get some more in the fall. I try to limit myself to 6 a year as a control point.

    What kind of damage have you done so far?
  2. Four here as well. Kept 2.
  3. OMG, 6! I forgot the two clutches!
  4. None so far, but I did buy a LV wallet. I hope to get a red city bbag soon though.
  5. None yet! Just accessories!
  6. 6 (yikes!), but I returned one.
  7. 9........

    2 RM matinee's
    2 RM MAM's
    2 RM Nikki's
    1 BBag city
    1 moni moni evening bag
    1 gianni binni

    Yikes! ok, but I'm done now, except for something in red and a metallic, and then, I swear Im done!
  8. Three so far, and a wallet and a coin purse. :biggrin:

    I said I was done after the first one, so I'm not going to say it again. :rolleyes:
  9. Only 2 so far-my BE LMM and my Tano Cooped Up. The year is still young and I keep seeing "potentials". My next purchase will be some kind of organizer/agenda since the Kate Spade one that I bought 3 years ago is looking really beat up.
  10. 3 Chanels
    2 TODS
    1 Lambertson Truex
  11. Just 3, I haven't made my choice for April yet!
  12. Six and looking for another one in white :shame:
  13. 2 and a wallet...
    Kooba elisha red
    Chloe cross body paddy in rouge
    Kooba pink bow wallet
  14. Five already ...
    Looking for a black Prada and maybe a color from Bal's Fall Collection - and that's it!!!!
  15. 1 bag and 1 wallet =)