How many bags have returned/sold.... and then re-purchased?

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  1. I just repurchased the white patent stitched alex. I really want a white patent coach and didn't want brooke and don't love the new bella poppy tote... I found her on ebay used ONCE (so they said) for $130! I can't wait to have her back..
    I was worried about colour transfer..... I still am but she's cheap enough now that I'll chance it.
    So who else is crazy like me and repurchased? :nuts:
  2. Hi,
    I have!!!! I bought the Large Tan Leather Sabrina FP at Nordstrom. Decided it wasn't for me! Then caught onto the Sabrina Craze (Thanks to fellow Coachies on TPF!) I found out that she was still at Nordstrom~ (being used in a display!) She was 1/2 off so I rebought her!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. I haven't done this..yet! Lol!
  4. I bought two Julianne's, returned them, then bought one on Evilbay and one at the outlet. Now I love them. Go figure???
  5. I bought a medium berry zoe, return it, bought a large zoe, sold it to buy the medium back. I just sold my medium again, I miss it already :lecture:

    I also sold a scarf and bought it again a couple of weeks after... :rolleyes:
  6. LOL are you going to buy the medium zoe again?
  7. I don't think I've done this with a bag, but bought and returned an ergo wristlet like three times. I would bring it home, decide I'd never use it (even though I LOVED it), go back, and then on the next trip find it again...finally I just cut the tags off the darn thing and used it, because I figured I obviously loved it enough to buy it THREE times, enough is enough! ;)
  8. I don't know. But even if I wanted to, I don't think I can find it for a good price. I sold it for what I paid at the outlet.
  9. i have done this before several times lol. recently it was a black bridgit i gave to uncles gf cuz i thought it was too small but missed it so got it again am awaiting its arrival now. now that i have a decent sized collection i wont mind having a variety of sizes.
  10. I've only done it once. I bought the ocelot capacity wristlet with PCE and then decided to return it because I really didn't think I would get much use out of it. Then I kept thinking and thinking about it and wished that I never returned it. By the time I got around to going to the Coach store, they were sold out. So I stopped by Dillards and they had it in their 30% off sale section! I guess it all worked out for the best.
  11. I haven't done this yet, either. Everything I've got rid of I was relieved because they weren't working for me.
  12. I've been searching for a large Brooke to replace the one I sold. I miss it horribly, and I absolutely regret getting rid of it!
  13. i have!
    got an XL maggie in graphite. returned it cuz it was still too much. got a grey XL maggie.. then sold it cuz i didn't like that the strap kept falling. then got a large plum maggie- but decided i love the color- not the bag and sold it! LOL!
  14. I did that just recently with a Brooke large wristlet. I didn't realize I had paid $98, full price, for it at the outlet until I got home...I was like no returned it, walked around the outlets for a couple hours, went by for one last walk thru at Coach and there she was 50% off plus another 20% so I said she is mine now!!! :smile: Cut her tags off last weekend and love her, in fact so much I have the cherry one coming now!! :smile:
  15. So what EXACTLY does one do with a wristlet? I usually make it my makeup bag and pop it into my larger coach!