How many bags does it take?

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  1. I notice lots of you post that you see your SA's a lot and they invite you to trunk shows and call you with new bags, etc. I was wondering how many bags on average do you buy per month to have this relationship? I see a lot of you posting about this but not showing many new bags, so just curious!

  2. I think it depends on the SA. My SA at Saks has invited me to trunk shows, sent me a thank you card and sent my a copy of the look book when I have only bought one bag from her!
  3. I'd like to know too. So far, I've bought from different SA's and not one of them have been very proactive in getting me to come back. I wouldn't call them snotty but they didn't go above and beyond.
  4. i bought about 4 in a 2 months period before i started developing a relationship w/ my SA, but i rarely ever return or exchange, and i buy over the phone.
  5. I bought 3 bags in one month and the SA was becoming very friendly and calling about new bags etc. But I'm not buying any more Chanel for a while now so I suppose they lose track once you stop buying.
  6. wow... who's your sa? mind giving me a referral?

  7. I also think it depends on the SA.
  8. hrm I see. Maybe if I drop in more she will remember me! ugh
  9. I think it depends on the SA. I work in the area so sometimes if I am not with clients and actually have free time at lunch, I just stop in to browse. I definitely don't buy 2+ bags a month or anything and she'd invited me even when I'd only bought 1 from her awhile ago. I think that's a sign of a good SA!
  10. it's not about $, it's about rapport in my experience.

    I personally don't buy a ton, especially in comparison to some members here. But I got to 2 luncheons/year and always know about trunk shows. . . .
    It's because I'm friendly w/ my SA and I refer people to her and I ALWAYS use just her. Other SA's see me coming and they phone her if she's in the back room.
    She knows I am loyal and in return she's good to me.
  11. Yes Swanky I see you always seem to receive good service from your SA, do you mind if I ask about how many you buy per year/month?
  12. my purchases tend to come in waves. i love the bags that came out in '05 and '06 and bought more then. this year i've purchased around 7 bags from different stores and still receive invitations to trunk shows/new collections/sales etc. i think, as long as they see you regularly (i stop in to browse a lot) it doesn't matter whether you buy a lot or not!
  13. I average maybe 2 bags a year.
    I only have 4 total plus a wallet and I get impeccable service :biggrin:
  14. I agree with Amanda. It's not about how much you spend so much. I suggest you stick to one sales associate (I have one at Chanel, one at Saks, and one at Neimans) and build a rapport. Also, I give my favorite Saks and Neimans SA's other orders (non Chanel) for clothes, shoes, or beauty products and I refer people to them - because they are AWESOME!

    I probably buy maybe 4 bags a year, but I buy a lot of shoes and accessories too.
  15. ^that's true. . . I forgot about that! I actually buy some of my jewelry through my favorite SA even though she's doesn't "work in jewelry" I just prefer her and would rather put the $ in her pocket than a jewelry SA I don't know.