How many bags do you take on vacation?

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  1. Ok, I'm really curious. Obviously, a weekend away or a week is one thing, but how do all of you deal with purses when you're doing some serious travelling, given the price tags on some of these babies?

    Does anyone pack $1,000 plus bags in checked luggage? Or try to pick one all purpose expensive bag, and take other colors/styles that cost less?
  2. I take one purse that will carry me through and one luggage piece and one cosmetic piece.
  3. My husband and in the entertainment industry and are frequently on tour for months at a time. I have the hardest time decising what bags to take but I think on my last trip I made a good decision.

    I carry my laptop in a backpack for work so I took my LV mono speedy 30. Its a great purse to travel with because it hold a lot. It can be used as a casual bag or a little dressier. I had a Longchamp Pliage Tote and a Lesportsac backpack packed in my luggage (they both fold easily) for days that it rained or when I was doing an outdoor activity.

    I would never pack a really expensive bag in my luggage. I have had my bags opened quite a few times (after I checked them) by security. I had some stuff stolen out of my bag when I went into Canada last spring.

    Basically I recommend one nice bag and something else fun you can fold up in your suitcase...

    Happy Travels
  4. I usually just take one larger bag and a smaller bag for going out at night. Usually the smaller one can fit in my bigger bag so I don't have to put anything in my luggage.
  5. I'm with you! I do the exact same thing.
  6. Only one - I have learned the hard way that I always overpack and it is stupid - no one knows me, so I pick a bag I like that will move from day to evening, beach or pool to town and get on with it!
  7. depends on the location i'm gong to and how long.
    but usually i would take a smaller purse with me and a big bag to put in luggage like a balenciaga weekender size kinda bag.
    and i also carried 1 or 2 clutch in case fo night outs and i carry 2 medium size bags like a chanel baby cabas or balenciaga city.
  8. I usually take 3 bags on vacation. One large size bag that I travel with. One smaller size bag for going out in the evening. I can fit this in my carryon for the plane. I also take an inexpensive crossbody bag in case I need to be hands free. That bag I pack.

    I used to travel with almost all of the bags in my closet. I learned the hard way. You never know when someone will go through your bags when you check them.
  9. I just went to New York for about a week, and I took about eight purses. My BF did a very good job of packing them all into my carry-on suitcase. I couldn't stand the idea of being able to carry only one or two purses for a whole week.
  10. I'm going on vacation this week & I'm planning on bringing 2 big bag & one small bag
  11. I just went to Hong Kong for a few days last week. I only brought one LV messenger bag and my carry-on suitcase, and that was it. (However, I would have brought a smaller bag for evening, if my activities included that. This time, I only went out during the day, so only having a messenger bag was fine)
  12. I have my bags insured so I am not worried about them being stolen.

    I take 3 bags(all high end) with me when I travel a lot. Two of the bags are in my check-in luggage(LV).

  13. Thats what I do.
  14. Here is my standard purse complement for vacation. I either take my Speedy 25 or my Cabas Piano as my main everyday purse, and then my Pochette for going all the time for me. Also, the Pochette is easily hideable in my luggage to avoid anyone with sticky fingers.

  15. I take one bag, and maybe a smaller clutch for evening, which is soooo difficult for me because I tend to change out bags about 5 times a week on average. I limit myself so I don't have to worry about packing all that extra stuff.