How many bags do you really use?

  1. The other day on the radio, they were saying that the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes, but really only uses 4 pairs. I'm not much into shoes, so I thought about this when it comes to purses. I won't say how many purses I own (too many), but I do try to change them up at least twice a week. Once for the work week, and once for the weekend. Also, at times, I'll force myself to go in the closet and pull a really old bag (that I still like) and carry it. So, how many bags do I really use? I probably have 5 or 6 that I tend to graviate towards and use more than others. What about you?
  2. I've managed to cycle through all but 4 bags in my current collection. Of the 4 I haven't - one's a winter bag (so i'll be able to break that out soon!), one is a spring bag (bought it in july, little too late for that), and the other two I just haven't had a chance to break out. I try to use all of mine at some point, but there are some I gravitate towards for different things.
  3. I typically use one for every season, plus a clutch for evenings and a big slouchy tote for those days I need to have my entire life close at hand. So... six. Except the wheels are turning now, and a little voice inside my head is saying I could really use a purse for every occasion! ;)
  4. Hmm... I didn't think I had a particularly active social life until I started thinking about this. I have bags for formal and casual occasions, and the formal bags totally cross seasons. I use every one of my several clutches throughout the year. For business, I use any of three tote bags, depending on whether I fly, drive or take the train and how much I have to carry. I have bags I wear just to seriously look a certain part, something I occasionally need to do in the course of my profession. A bag can so make a look! For daily use, I have bags I take shopping and bags I take to the shore or to visit family (which always entails bringing things I don't otherwise carry in a bag). There's a fun clutch I love to throw into my duffel when going to the gym, just in case I go to breakfast after with one of the ladies I pal around with there. Tallying it up, I realized that in a given month, I will use six to ten bags. Not constantly, but definitely use them.
  5. Good question! I have four bags (not including my work tote) a that are in regular rotation. My other bags are either seasonal or occassional. And then there are a couple that I just never use that need to find a new home

    As for shoes, I definitely need to prune my shoe collection. It seems like I keep finding a "better" pair, and upgrade, but don't get rid of the old ones.
  6. I have quite a few bags...40+. And while I'm not on a regular roatation schedule, I do carry all of them eventually. Right now I've been carrying my Speedy 25 for the last few weeks, but sometimes I will change purses 3 or 4 times a week...all depends on the season and the mood. So, bottom line - I use all of my bags.
  7. I use all of my bags, but of course some get used more than others. I have a few bags that I keep in rotation for "everyday"...then I have special bags that I carry for special occassions or when I'm dressed up. Then I have smaller bags for nights out and whatnot. Just depends on what's going on that day but I definitely use them all whether it's once every month or once every blue moon. :smile:
  8. Hmm... definitely use seven!
  9. Thanks, everyone for the responses. I thought it was interesting and it reminded me that I need to use all of my bags at some point!
  10. Glad you asked this! It has come to my attention that there are about 18 in Current Rotation (in my closet), but only about 7 hanging on doorknobs, which means about 7 that have actually been used since the last time I cleaned off all the doorknobs and hung them back up, which was about 2 weeks ago.

    So it is definitely time to review, and see which ones languishing in my closet might be able to languish just as comfortably in the downstairs closet!
  11. I use all of them sometimes, but I have 6 or so that I use a lot more than others. It makes me feel terribly guilty when I consider how many I have and what they're worth :sad:
  12. Right now I have about 20 bags. I rotate them so I do eventually get around to using them.
  13. i rotate about 4-5 right now.
  14. Good question...
    I used to have too much bags in my closet
    till I decided to sell all the ones I dont use much anymore...
    Now I get to use all my bags in rotation or to match my outfit.
    total of 10 bags
  15. I have about 7 on a regular basis, but I have others that I use sometimes. The problem is when I'm in school, I don't want to put my bags on the floor so I bring my old tried and true bags.