How many bags do you own?

  1. I was looking at my bag collection and as much as I try and ignore it - I have many bags that I don't use anymore, and some that I wish I never bought. In the past I would sell a couple of bags and buy a new bag I felt I'd get more use out of -- only to cycle my bags once again and end up in the same position as I was in the beginning. It was fun for a while, but now it has lost its appeal.

    I've decided to focus on down sizing my collection and continuing my bag ban until December 2012! As much as I love bags, I know in the long run I am happier with a small collection.

    It has got me wondering though, how many bags (and in particular, MJ or MBMJ) bags does everyone own? At what stage do you feel like YOU have too many bags?
  2. I don't think I have too many as I sell ones regularly once I haven't used them for a period of time I let them go to fund a new purchase ones I have sold included a mulberry annie bag was an impulse buy and I hated it after a while as it had no inside lining and outside pockets were so small unpractical anyway list below

    MBMJ clutch and recently THTH hobo still debating see my thread!

    Gucci small evening bag in beige another in black and a hobo in beige logo - use often not regularly thinking of selling two smaller ones

    Fendi Black Spy Bag - use regularly

    Mulberry Annie - sold

    Prada cross body bag - sold

    Jimmy Choo clutch - use regularly

    Anya Hjndmarch Cooper - use regularly

    That's 8 designer in total have about another 3 clutches from high street and a work bag that I use everyday so maybe 12/13 in total
  3. too many :lol:
  4. i like IG's response! heehee...totally agree.

    i recently started thinking about this, last dec. so i sold my first MJ was tough at first, but now it's not so bad to pare things down. i even created a google doc for my designer purse inventory, with bag info, season, where it was purchased from, purchase price, selling date, other comments, etc.

    i think i'm trying to keep things down to an even dozen (or perhaps a few more). :p

    p.s. i have to admit, that i don't include my 2-3 coach bags left (post-closet purging), casual "fun" throw around bags like tokidoki, harajuku lovers, the sak, in my count. :lol:
  5. :giggles: Oh my gosh, that is funny. Great idea though! Only on TPF!

    I think this question might be the the real-world equivalent on 'how much do you weigh'? :p
  6. i've got a bad memory and i felt the "need" to know, so i did it. i even went back a few years to research old eBay/paypal transactions, etc. heehee...i wanted a good grasp of the total amount spent to help keep me in check. sad, i know. :push:

    and yes, i think the question is totally similar to your analogy! heehee...

    honestly i think the number of too many bags really depends on the individual person. we all have diff styles and personalities (and frequencies on how often we change our bags), so i'm sure our bags reflect that. :smile: i don't change my bags that often, so i don't feel like i would get as much use if i had too many. my personal point would probably be when i forget about bags that i have. so i've been trying to be good about using every single bag i own...
  7. I think you've got a great system down! Better to be aware now, than in hindsight. You will be my role model! ;)
  8. A lot. But it's never enough :biggrin:

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  9. :shocked:


    Hmm. I don't even know how to answer this one.
    I would have to go count.
  10. I did the same thing! LOL except mine is not a google doc but old school journal/notebook. Which reminds me, I have to update the list and add my recent 2 MJ purchases :p
  11. oh my god I have done the exact same thing! :lolots:

    It keeps me on track and accountable of what I'm doing with all my extra money. My goal is to have only 10 bags in my collection by the end of this purge. I know a lot of my bags aren't incredibly expensive (most are under $400) but I feel better minimizing the amount of bags I have.

    I wish I did this a lot sooner! Then I wouldn't have such a build up of bags. Of course, I am such a sap at selling bags that I loved but know I wouldn't use again (such as monogram canvas bags which nowadays I dislike).
  12. i probably have about 10 bags, but i only use less than 1/2 of them. just need to let them go! i keep saying i'm going to sell them but i've been lazy :smile:
  13. I am on a two bags a year, maybe three (depending on prices of each) limit. I just recently within the last couple years started investing in premier brands. So, it's growing...
  14. I own 6 MBMJs, 8 if you count a Nylon Tate Tote and an Elizababy bag. I also have a Helen Welsh, Emma Fox and Francesco Biasia, and 3 bags that I got in Rio. Oh, and I have a bag I bought ages ago at Saks when I was in NY. I only use my MBMJs currently.

  15. Ok, I've counted.