How Many Bags Do You Own?

How Many Bags Do You Own

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5 favourite bags (my LVs) and about another 7 or 8 which sit in the closet. I just got infected by the LV-virus not long ago actually on 10.11.05 through seeing an alma monogram and the rest is history...
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I've only been collecting for a year, so I have 11 designer bags and about 10 assorted clutches. I'm planning to add maybe 4 more bags this coming year, including an LV Ellipse that I'll likely buy as soon as my promotion is official.
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Balenciaga Black Classique
Balenciaga White Classique
Balenciaga Red Classique
Balenciaga Tan City
Balenciaga Brown City
Balenciaga Bordeaux City
Balenciaga Black Work
Chloe White Edith (Large...Coming)
Chloe Black Paddington
Chloe Tan Silverado
Dior Bordeaux Gaucho (Tote...Coming)
Fendi Brown Spy
Gucci Tan Horsebit (Medium)
Marc Jacobs Black Stam
Yves Saint Laurent Brown Mombasa
Yves Saint Laurent White Muse (Large)
Yves Saint Laurent Black Vincennes