How many bags do you have in the same style?

  1. Currently I own three firsts (ok one fed ex is holding hostage but it is still paid for) and I am thinking about if I should keep more than one bag in this style. One will be leaving me soon but I am not sure I should keep both of the others in the same style.

    I will be getting a city someday when the color I want pops up in good condition on ebay. I could see having more than one city as they are a bit bigger but I am not sure about the first.

    Part of me thinks that I should try to have a first, a city and a twiggy/purse for variety. What do you all think? I know some of you have the same style bags in more than one color. Do you usually only use the style you like the most or do you switch things up?
  2. I personally want to switch it up. I had planned to get a white city and a BI box but my husband wouldn't agree with that plan so the white city will likely have to wait until spring. I got the BI box because I figured it would be harder to find later and I am not confident enough yet to buy on Ebay.
    I have a black first on the way to decide if I like. So yes, I wouldn't really want a bunch of the same style. But if I did get a bunch of the same style, I think it would be the City. I think that is my favorite style of all.
  3. I like to switch around styles depending on what I'm doing. Although I don't mind having multiple styles either... but you can blame that on the bazillion color choices. That is why I don't mind owning the same styles. I have two firsts (because of colors) and one each of twiggy, city, and day. The color appeals to my mood and the styles appeal to the function...ahhhh!! That is why it is so hard to resist buying more b-bags!
  4. The color seems more important to me than style. I have 5 bags, and they're all 05's. 3 City's-Bubblegum Pink, Sky Blue, and Teal. I have one Box in Magenta, and one Twiggy in Turquoise. My Sky Blue is going away tomorrow, because I never could pick it to use over my Pink or Magenta. The Twiggy arrives Tuesday, and the Teal City I just bought. I may sell one (never the Pink) when my 2 new ones arrive, but I am not positive. I think think it's better to have the same style in different colors, than having the same color in different styles, since a bag is usually picked to go with certain outfits or color scheme. I hope that made sense!
  5. I have 3 "City" : black, calcaire and rouge vif....
    I have also a mini bowling a work and a oval clutch...
    My next b.bags will be :
    A brief, a twiggy and a MidAfternoon
  6. I thought I would end up with all city's since that was the first bbag I got and I loved it, but I ended up with a city, then a work, and a box, and I love the variety! all in diff. colors...

    I think my current favorite is the work style! and I would love a couple more works in diff. colors on a later date...and probably at least one more city and a first.