How Many Bags Do You Carry When You Go On Vacation...Which Ones?

  1. After reading Nita's thread where she mentioned that she carried 5 bags on her vacation, it got me thinking. How many bags do you carry on your vacation trips and which ones are they?

    I'll go first. When I went to New York for the weekend I took with me 4 bags: my Mono Speedy, Damier Saleya, Beige Lexington Fleur, and I believe I also took my Tango but can't recall.

    Then recently when I went to Costa Rica for a week I took with me 6 bags: my Mono Speedy, Cherry Lucille PM, Beige Lexington Fleur, Abbesses (for my laptop), Mono Musette Tango, Brown Antigua MM.

    When I go to Miami this week I was planning on walking with less (as I am going to shop and don't want to carry too much) so I was thinking on going with my mono Speedy, Mono Sac Dos backpack (perfect for shopping), Cherry Lucille PM, Lexignton Fleur (for night outs), and Damier Saleya MM <-- well not much of a cut down but perhaps I'll leave the Speedy behind :graucho: .
    I don't want to go with too much Mono 'cuz the last time I was in Miami (a week ago) out of 10 bags I saw at the mall, 9 were mono, and 8 were fakes :rolleyes:
  2. Wow. I never take any of my really good bags on vacation or trips.

    The last place I went to was Vegas and I took my Monogram Musette becasue I love being hands free and my Isabella Fiore Whipflash because its leather and if it rained (which it did) I wouldnt have to worry.

    Before that on a short trip to LA I also took my Mono Musette and a small clutch for going out at night.

    When I went to Jamaica I don't think I bought any designer bags with me. I took this fabric material messenger style purse (to be hands free).

    I'm way too scared to take my nice bags away with me on trips. LOL :shame:

    Also and as you see above, on trip I prefer to be hands free for shopping. :smile:
  3. So far I've only brought one bag at a time with me....these things take up too much room and I need that room for all my shopping sprees so I have somewhere to put this stuff!!! BTW, I only bring one carry on bag....I try to not bring too much down, just the necessities, and on the flight home, it's stuffed to the max!! :smile:
  4. Only the one I'm afraid. Planes that fly from here are smaller and have strict baggage limits. I would never put an LV in my checked in suitcase so it's just the one handbag which I carry. Hopefully I can go to LV while on holiday and purchase a brand new bag:graucho: :yahoo: which I pack into my carry on bag.
  5. I usually don't take nice bags with me. Well I haven't gone anywhere in a while though, last time I took my huge burberry tote (which I sold though :sad:). When I go to Vegas next month I think I'm bringing my cabas mezzo on the plane and maybe my azur speedy or if I get my mc trouville by then. But I think I'll just be carrying my wapity most of the time just to hold cash, cards, and camera.
  6. It was tough to choose which bags to carry. I wanted to carry all of them
    My last vacation I had 5 LV (not including keepall) and 1 Chanel. I also have 6 pairs of shoes. Mind you it's only 1 week vacation LOL

    My rule of thumb:
    Writslet/ pochette is a must for night out or dine out
    shoulder bag/messenger bag, if sighseeing/ shopping involve
    Have to have one of the speedy
    cute handheld bag
    rain proof bag from damier/epi line

    Checking weather forecast in advance will also help to decide which bags will go on vacation.
    I put all my bags and some shoes in my keepall as carry on. I don't want to know what the guy think when they screened my bag in security check point. Incase my baggage get lost, I can live with my shoes and bags LOL

    Jojo, I bet you can't wait to pick up your denim baggy excited for you!
  7. This is the reason I like the Speedy, b/c it flattens and doesn't take much space. On the regular, I carry my bags and shoes as well as toiletries in my carryon and the clothing in my checked luggage.

    When I go on shopping sprees I always carry an extra (empty) bag. You have no idea how many duffle bags I have accumulated over the past years since I always end up buying a bag when I travel b/c I don't have space in the bag I travelled with. So now I carry an extra bag just in case :smile:

    Nita, I'm so excited! I just can't wait. I will try to get it at the beginning of my trip so that I can carry it while in Miami :yahoo:
  8. good question! never really thought about which purses to take while traveling... usually i take 2 or 3 at the most. a small pochette, and at least a medium sized bag.
  9. Going to take 2 bags only with me when I travel in a week
    1- White MC Boulogne
    2- Black MC Speedy 30

    gonna buy some purses in Dubai so I'll have more to use with them there ;)
    I'm planning on hand carrying both of them..too scared to put one of them in the luggage :S lol
  10. Saleya or Speedy for day and Recital for night. :smile:
  11. Depends on where we're going /doing.

    For Disney I carried aurelia gm on the plane and packed (and checked) denim sac-a-dos.

    For Vegas or places where we will be going out 3-5 depending on outfits, weather, etc.

    When I went to Asia, I took my manhattan GM and cerise carryall. I used the manhattan daily for businesss and the cerise carryall when we went for weekend trips to highend resorts. If I was shopping or out with the general public, I used a cheap fanny pack, carried in the front.

    Mexico, I bring nothing...even though we always stay at the Fairmont Princess or similar resorts.
  12. I usually bring at least two bags - mc speedy and panda pochette. I pack the pochette into the speedy and carried them both on the plane.
  13. I usually bring 2 bags and a clutch.

    1. BH for day and it can fit magazines on a plane as a nice carryon when I'm not taking my laptop
    2. Lexington Vernis for evening
    3. Wapity, best travel item. I carried this around my wrist in Chicago and could stick it in my coat pocket with the strap attached. Made me feel safe and fit everything I needed for sightseeing and it didn't have to touch any public transport surfaces :smile:
  14. I only bring one LV, my Recital, and use it as my main bag. I tend to get paranoid about thefts at hotels. So if the other LVs don't fit in the safe, I won't bring them.
  15. i only have 2 lv bags, but on wednesday for thanksgiving, im going to bring my pochette, dooney, coach wristlet, coach wallet and wapity.
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