How many bags do you 'allow' yourself to buy every month?

  1. Just wondering. I mean, Í earn quite good for my age and i have great parents and the do buy me occasionally what i want. I CAN buy lets say 3 bags from LV and still make it through the month. I live by myself. I don't want to become obsessed about it. I was just wondering coz i see alot of people saying that they are on a purseban till so and so.I talked to some friends about it and if they save enough money and IF they do they can buy a bag every 3 months...

    I can buy the most expensive bag from LV but something is holding me back. It's just alot of money to me. For that amount I can already pay my cousin's tuition fee or something....

    This doesn't question my love for LV but there are just times when enough is enough and paying THAT kind of money for a purse is just too much...

    anyone feeling the same? Hope ya'll don't hate me....
  2. I only buy so many bags per year. I used to be completely obsessed with buying bags, but I have a husband and children. I had to start focusing elsewhere. Not all of our money can be spent on ME! I also only buy what I like. I'm a SAHM, so I don't go many places to use a ton of bags.
  3. Sometimes I have to look at it relatively. If I put it into perspective and prioritize a list of what I need to buy then I can put a bag into that list. If there are more important things to get then obviously those will come first. Bags for me are a treat not something I find myself needing 'doses' of as it were. KWIM.
  4. I don't buy bags every month. I limit myself to a few per year and I don't like to have over 5 - 6 bags at a time. So, I sell one to fund the next purchase otherwise I feel guilty.
  5. depends on what my bank account can handel. the most I have purchased in 1 month was 5 bags.
  6. Right now, I think I can only afford 2-3 bags a year. There's not much leeway since I tend to like the more expensive bags. I can't get crazy because I'm saving for a house.
  7. at least 1 per month
  8. When I was into Coach/Dooney, I'd get 2-3 bags a year. I joined the LV addiction late last year, and I have purchased 2 bags this year. I will get one more bag when my ban is over at the end of the month. It will be a high ticket (to me) item and after that, I will probably impose another ban for 6-9 months on LV items. I could get more LV, but I am also wanting a pair of diamond earrings and a diamond by the yard necklace.
  9. Well, what I'm "allowing" myself really changes.... I say I need to keep saving up for a house (and in light of housing prices where I live, it's going to be a couple of years before I have a down payment), but then I see a good deal and need to pick it up. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't want to be Carrie on Sex and the City, where I have a ton of stuff but not the other needed assets like a house...
  10. It depends on what's coming out, and on the time of the year. In a month, I won't buy something just to have bought something in that month. So I can go for months without buying something but then buy 3 bags in three consecutive weeks. From this year onwards my parents and boyfriend have decided to always get me LV for both my bday and xmas, so I can count on at least 4 bags a year plus what I buy myself :p

    Sometimes you just have to reward yourself for hard work and enjoy life!
  11. Some months a few, sometimes none for months. It depends what I see and like
  12. I pretty much buy what I want when I want, as long as we have the money.
  13. exactly, i dont want to it to be an addiction. I really use all the bags I got and of course when i see an item that i really want changes my mind but then i see the price tag....then i snap back to reality.
  14. I don't have a limit. If I really love a bag.. I buy it. I won't buy a bag just because...
  15. I have been getting real good deals on designer bags from eBay and consignment shops so I purchased four bags last month for the price of one. Since I joined this forum my addiction has really grown. But I would like to save more and spend less. I use to like to own a max of 6-8 bags at a time. Now I think I own 20 designer bags and maybe 10 lesser known designer bags. I also make a good living but I would love to be c/c dept free so I think I am going to have to go on a purse ban. It is just hard for me to pass up a nice designer bag at half retail price.