How many bags did you purchase last year?

  1. How many bags did you buy this year?? Any Favs? Any Disappointments?
  2. I only bought 3 bags this year. So far my favorite has been my melie bianco bag. It was alot cheaper than my other bags, plus it's soft, durable, and has plenty of space.
  3. About 7, I think. Two Cole Haan, one Banana Republic (Bloomsbury Hobo), three LV's (Bat. Horizontal, Speedy 30, Petit Bucket) and my recent order of a Chocolate Paddington. Oh, and I almost forgot my gold Kate Spade wristlet for parties. So that makes 8. OMG, I'm out of control! :wacko:

    Disappointments: One of the Cole Haan's I've hardly used. It's an olive green structured satchel. Very pretty but scratches easily and because it's so structured is not as comfortable to carry. Of the three LV's, I've found that the Speedy is actually the one I like the least; it's more awkward to carry than the other two.
  4. 7--but i ended up returning two because when i got home they just didnt make the cut...2 guccis, 1 dior, 1 juicy, 1 micheal kors, 1 Marciano (upscale guess designer---awesome bags for school), and finally 1 fendi (my fav).
  5. Where to begin, I dont think I even want to go there,haha!
  6. I'm listing bags I've bought as well as received as gifts.

    Coach Mini Signature Wrislet (gift)
    Kate Spade Small Oliver Tote (bought)
    Coach Hamptons Suede Buckle Hobo (bought)
    Dooney and Bourke Nile Collection Small Business Tote (gift)
    LV Damier Papillon (bought)
    Chloe Paddington (bought)

    Hopefully I can add an LV Speedy 25 after Christmas ;) I sold the wrislet and the Kate Spade bag. I only used them a couple of times and didn't really have much use for the wrislet, and the Kate Spade bag just wasn't my style.
  7. I ended up buying 4 purses (Ferragamo, Marc, LV Multi, and a Juicy), and 1 wallet (LV cersis zip around long clutch). I LOVE all of them, especially since I got most on sale!
  8. HI all this is 'KIMMY' I keep forgetting my password, so thought it was earier to re-register .. so I am 'CANY' now LOL

    Hmm o,k - this includes puses/ wallets

    LV brown / pink retro
    LV cerises speedy
    LV denim speedy
    LV peppermint reade
    LV yellow spring street
    LV fuchsia PTI
    LV fuschia Broome
    LV fuchsia key clef
    dior gambler purse
    LV panda pouchette
    LV monogram pouchette sold
    LV monogram trouville
    LV cerises pouchette

    (13 ) I may be forgetting some though !!
  9. hmmm, so had to remember a whole year, 6, i think...

    coach mini sig hobo
    kooba chiara
    small gucci shoulder bag
    bulga studded hobo
    coach optic signature demi
    IF audra

    i think that's it...can you tell i'm obsessed with hobos?
  10. Hmmm....I have to think about this:

    - Gucci tote
    - Coach pleated hobo (black)
    - Kate Spade: Bexley clutch with chain strap (black); Bexley tote (turquoise color) ; Mally tote (black)
    - Longchamp tote
    - Marc Jacobs hobo

    So, that's seven I can think of off the top of my head.
  11. Very nice ladies!!! I definitely don't feel so bad now. This year it's four,
    1.A lovely green leather Kate Spade
    2. Mono Speedy 25
    3. Mono Cabas Mezzo
    4. Tan Large Gucci Hobo with horsebit strap aka The Big One
    Just want the Batignolle Horizontal now and I'm done ;)
  12. I'd venture to say that I bought around 20 bags this year, no idea wtf all of them are since some have already been retired....but here is a partial list.

    LV bedford
    LV batignolles horizontal
    LV MC speedy
    LV denim speedy
    Dior Paris 50s saddle
    Dior logo flowers saddle
    Dior red detective saddle
    Dior tone on tone patent black saddle
    Bottega fuscia hobo
    Chloe Paddington
    Fendi Spy (bad lol)
    Chanel 2.55 reissue (on waitlist for another, hopefully will come in soon)
    Chanel Sport rabbit fur bag
    Luella Giselle
    Tanner Krolle Cutter
    Dior Hardcore bag (red)
    Kate Spade diaper bag
    YSL St. Tropez
    etc etc.
  13. I have bought bags this year from Fendi, LV, Kate Spade, Cole Haan, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs ..... I think that's it. Can't remember. YIKES! Although I didn't buy it this year, my favorite bag is the LV dalmation bag. Tomorrow I'm going to Balenciaga store in New York City to purchase (hopefully) a motorcycle bag. I was told the Spring 2006 collection was due to arrive this week. I'm also going to swing by Chanel. I've been pining for a classic Chanel flap bag for years. Merry Christmas to me, huh?
  14. i've only bought a couple, but i was unemployed for half the year and then had some rent to pay back to my parents (they made me pay my own rent this summer since i was willfully living outside their home and not in school, which i thought was fair), so that hindered my bag-buying, but here's what i can remember:

    1. fendi zucca wallet
    2. white tote from target (my mom thought i'd like it and i carried books in it for a couple weeks)
    3. turquoise herve chaplier tote (i cannot love these bags more)
    4. silver shoulder bag from express
    5. brown Isabella Fiore Audra
    6. Marc Jacobs Venetia that's about to go back and hopefully get turned into a paddy or an LV Trouville or a Balenciaga pewter motorcycle or maybe all three! it's so great to have money of my own...
  15. Let's see, well I just started collecting designer handbags earlier this year so here it goes: (I don't remember their fancy style names...)

    Burberry barrel
    Gucci cosmetic case (use as a mini purse)
    Gucci tote
    Fendi mini hobo
    Tods suede satchel
    Balenciaga bag (old 2004 model)
    Coach wrislet

    TOTAL = 5 bags + 2 accessories?

    My fav is the Burberry barrel and disappointment would be the Fendi mini hobo (it's just too small for me).

    P.S. Noriko and Kimmy, you two are my purse idols!!!! :love: