How many bags are too many bags?

  1. The people I work with and my family think that I have a handbag problem. They say I have too many and get mad or shake their heads when I say I am buying another. I have about 19 bags with 3 more on the way (Christmas, etc..)

    How many bags does everyone else have? Does anybody think your crazy for collecting handbags?

    I would love to hear about it!
  2. I have a pretty big bag collection. I'm going to say a rough estimate of 30 more or less. I have to be honest and say more than half I don't use as much as I should. I'm planning on getting rid of some of them and buy some more handbags...the ones I really want. I need to learn to keep my collection manageable...I think that's about 15 or maybe 20 at the most.
  3. As long as you're not going into debt or otherwise compromising yourself or your family, I say get as many bags as you want! It's none of their business how many you "should" have. :yes:
  4. LOL!! I am not sure, but I am pretty sure that I have exceeded the limit of "normal"...ROFL...:roflmfao: Between clutches and everyday bags and vintage and designer and "beat-up" and cheapy and summer and winter and...well, I am not going to count but I am quite sure it is more than 50-60...maybe I have a "problem":nuts:
  5. My boyfriend used to told me that I have too many bags...
    but when I saw you guys collection....:wtf:
    I know I don't have a lot of bags and I need more.
  6. let´s say everyone has their hobbies:yes: I guess,if you use them frequently than its ok:roflmfao: I own for instance 30 pairs of designer jeans and I rotate them every week so i can get some good use out of them.Why else invest so much money in them :sweatdrop:
  7. Lots of people have collections that gather dust in curio cabinets. At least we CAN use each of our handbags if we choose! Like the pp said, as long as you are not compromising your or your family's financial health or future, then it is no one's business.
  8. I recently told a story here about the gasps I received when I told some acquaintances how many purses I owned after THEY asked!
    To be honest, I had just counted them a few days before and was surprised that I didn't have as many as I thought I had.

    The one thing that surprised me was that the person who seemed the most astonished at the number of purses I own was a woman who drove a totally tricked out Lexus that probably cost more than some people's homes.

    How many purses I buy and own is my business and only MY business just like her choice of incredibly expensive automobiles is HER business and none of mine!

    I'm happy owning a ton of beautiful purses while driving a Toyota! That's MY choice!
  9. Well, I think if this board is an indication...never

    Seriously, my friends and family think I have too many, but also realize it is a bit of a hobby for me, so only chuckle when they see I have a new one.
  10. I just thought about it the other day when I thought about my x-mas present.
    I have 9 designer bags now and just use even the half of it. For me 10 is going to be the magical number after that when a new one comes another one has to go.
    There isn't one bag out there which I want to have right now and so I don't want a bag for x-mas and rather get a nice watch.
    I do love all of my bags and I have to start to use them because some of them I just used 3-4 times. I experienced that I can't be bothered to change bags everyday so I'll try a weekly rotation program.
    I love looking at those huge beautiful collections some of you have but I don't want a collection that's to big to use for myself because I get sick when I see what I spend on all my bags and some of them are more a decorations item than a thing is use. Therefor I won't buy more bags until I really used the ones I've got.
    But IMO everyone has to decide for herself how big is too big or small.
  11. I don't think any ammount is too many ;) as long as you are not over spending and causing trouble for yourself.
  12. Love it! my thoughts exactly.
  13. As long as you're happy with what you have and you're not hurting anyone (inclu. yourself), there's no limit.

    But to be quite honest, I only have 5. I used to have 10 LVs but I sold half of them. I can't have a huge collection, I realized, esp. if I don't carry a couple of them on an occasional basis. I'm planning on getting another LV, but I think I'll stop on there (and if I want more, I'll sell another). It's easy for me to get carried away, but I just don't have the $$ to pay for this hobby.

    Of course, I do plan on getting a burberry and coach...this won't count towards my lucky 5 LVs...heh.
  14. i only have about 10-15 designer bags, but i have LOADS of vintage bags and clutches, maybe about 30-40... :P
  15. I tend to keep the 'number' at a managable level for me. When I feel I have too many, I give some away. No one knows how many bags I have, so no one has an opinion.