How many bags and which one?


Jun 19, 2009
I am a newcomer to Mulberry, have wanted one for ages but always put myself off because of the cost. However now my daughter has finished uni and is independant I have decided that my hard earned money should go on me. In the last 3 weeks I have got myself a Lipstick Bays Clutch, a lipstick purse,a black somerset shoulder and an ocean A4 roxy tote.

So my question is how many bags "is enough" (if there is such a thing as "enough bags":biggrin:) and which bag is the one you use the most and for what reason. Also which bag that you have now or have had in the past has been the biggest dissapointment

I am hoping the answers may prevent mulberry handbags from taking over my house:P of course it may have totally the opposite effect:graucho:
Jul 9, 2009
Hi didih- you are going to get some answers now!!! Sensible girls will come along and describe a core collection for you- a capsule collection of 6-10 bags for every occasion with a range of colours and leathers- weirdos like me will come along and tell you your collection will just grow and grow as bags grab your attention and become must haves!! Your collection has got off to a great start- I love the bays clutch size and style (have 5 of them now) and the A4 tote (now on 3 but so tempted by your gorgeous blue one). I guess it will depend on whether you now feel you have to have some of the classic icon bags like bays or roxy in the classic colours (oak choc black) "just because"-as I did- or if you are more sensible and just add the bags that you want becuase they appeal to your personal taste and lifestyle. My bags are my only passion- I dont spend a lot on clothes or going out so I seem to have become a collecter- though I have no where near as much as some of the ladies on here- I dont have any more room. It also depends on whether you are comfortable with buying using for a while and selling on to fund other future purchases and refresh your collection- again that isnt me but I am in a minority!!!


Nov 28, 2009
Hi Didih. I joined tPF in November last year and you can see from my signature what I have purchased since then. I could quite happily keep buying bags I like the look of however I have limited space in my house!! I have decided to go for a capsule collection:

- Effie which I can use as a shoulder bag and I have a strap so I can use her as a messenger.
- EW Bayswater which is a smarter bag and a bit colourful.
- Large Mabel which is perfect for when I need to carry a little more with me.
- Roxy Tote which is excellent for documents, books and extra bits and pieces.
- Joel which is a nice, smaller sized messenger for shopping and walks.
- I also have my lovely OL Purse and my locked cosmetics purse.

I feel all I 'need' now is a nice clutch and then I am done. The theory is if I decided I want any other bags I will have to sell on one I alread have..... that is the theory at least!! Everyone on here is different and I think we are all quite accepting of that.
Jan 31, 2009
Derbyshire, England
Interesting question.... I remember when I had 2 Mulberrys (not that long ago), and was thinking '5 would be a nice number'. Now I've got 12 and another on the way!
I started with bags for day/work, but then realised when going out at night, I had 'cheap' bags with me and was leaving the best at home, so that necessitated me getting some smaller style Mulberrys, and off it went......

You've got a nice selection already...
Black somerset can be dressed up/down
Bays clutch is a lovely 'pop' of colour
A4 Tote extremely practical

Am I dis-enabling you yet??


Nov 23, 2009
Cambridge, UK
We need Ellie to answer this one - she's got the most amazing collection of just a few (ish) bags.
I acquired quite a few after joining the forum, but I have been setting a few free.


Sep 20, 2008
Hi and welcome, congrats on your new acquisitions :smile:

Good questions btw, what a great approach to take, eliminating mistakes and being well informed.

When I first joined I went on a buying frenzy, made loads of mistakes and sold them, ever since then I have got it under control and have been refining based on useability rather than bag lust.

Biggest disappointment:
medium mabel antiqued leather
PROS: leather, size and shape were gorgeous. CONS: straps would fall off my shoulder

Biggest mistakes:
Butterscotch mabel hobo - purely based on the colour
Choc Antony - felt frumpy wearing it.

Best bags for me (mom to two young children):
mitzy messenger oak
PROS: great size, lovely elegant strap, oak doesn't rainspot, CONS: strap can hurt shoulder
mabel hobo black; I have no cons about this bag, it is easy to use, spacious , lightweight, and has a bit of attitude with its design.

Bags I own but don't wear and would struggle to part with are my two bays. PROS, classic elegant shape, fit a4 docs into. CONS; short shoulder strap, can be heavy and bulky under arm if Darwin or nvt leather. It's the price of beauty.

If I am completely honest with myself I could manage quite comfortably with 3 - a messenger, a shoulder and a clutch. But at the moment my collection is 3 shoulders and 1 messenger.

I'd like to own 5 in total and call it a day - well perhaps interchanging them (one in one out principle) as the seasons come and go just to keep it spicy.
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Jun 19, 2009
Am I dis-enabling you yet??
nope :yahoo:

The bag I use most is mitzy medium hobo!!!
Thats interseting because a medium Mitzy hobo is on my wish list for the very near future

My answer to this question is simple. You can never have too many Mulberry bags!!!!! Resistance is futile.
I am beginning to get that:biggrin:

Biggest disappointment: medium mabel antiqued leather
Pros: leather, size and shape were gorgeous. Cons: straps would fall off my shoulder
I was looking at mabels and it was the shoulder strap I was unsure off so thanks.


Jul 19, 2008
I have been thinking that 10 bags is enough (in total, not just Mulberry’s)

I have 2 that I inherited from my grandma, which I will never part with, which leave it to 8 mulberry’s in total.
I would love 4 “icon” and 4 “fun bags”.
The icon should be (including those I have now)

Black printed E/W Bayswater
Black printed Zinia (my very first and used many times)
something "old" which I hope I can show you soon.
Oak E/W Bayswater (which I hope to buy later this year)

And then the fun bags
Green Poppy - makes me happy when I carry it
Black Somerset shoulder - grab and go
Putty Charlie - lets party!!
I would like a small Black Hayden shoulder, but there is also some from the A/W 2010 collection that I would love to have, so I guess that keeping the fun bags down to only 4, will be a problem in the near future!
I have just sold 2 bags, but of those 5 I have left, I don’t think I can part with any of them. But you never know?

My favourite bags is the Black printed E/W Bayswater, but the one I use the most is the Black Somerset shoulder.


Jan 13, 2010
Its all about falling in love with the bags. The number of bags is unimportant as long as you buy bags you really really love and will use alot. But that is only my little opinion.. The bags I have my eyes on are expensive so i cant afford to buy bags that just will lie in the closet... And it is more fun with bags you really want to use alot.


Aug 14, 2006
Each person will have their own likes and how many are enough .I have the bays in oak ,E-W in chocolate ,bays clutch in black and Alexa in ink .My favourite so far is the clutch ,fits all my stuff .have yet to decide about Alexa .
The bays is too heavy and the EW not much to my liking .
so you will know when and which is the right bag for you .I dont like the hobo styles.


I ask this question all the time. I seem to be unable to limit my bags to less than 12. I decide to have a cull, sell some and then within weeks and bought others to replace them and so the cycle continues. Just this year alone I have sold 6 bags and have bought 5 (well one was a pressie from DH). I keep looking at the remaining bags and cannot bring myself to let any go. I use them all - some more than others of course and most I can see myself using for many years to come. See, its impossible LOL. When I first joined the forum I had a mad buying and selling frenzy because I bought bags that just didn't suit me for whatever reason. Now at least I consider every purchase carefully and this means that all of the bags I have fit a particular purpose and are all used. Do I sound like a saint? My DH certainly wouldn't think so!


Jan 2, 2010
Good questions!

I think it is really hard to decide which direction to take your collection in. You could buy bags you love the look of, but that is not neccesarily the same as buying bags that you will use. I am trying to accept that, for now, messenger style bags best suit my lifestyle (as mum to 3 little girls) best. I have 2 drew mini messengers and I wear these really often. My alexa gets worn a lot too. My Daria hobo I love but because it is a shoulder bag I only wear it if dp is with me (to push the double buggy!) or I am out on my own. Having one shoulder bag is fine, but if I got a few more then I do worry that they would not get used much. I do love roxanne style and i am warming to bays, I would like to own either but they are probably not sensible for me at the moment given that they are shoulder/hand held bags.

So, with all that in mind I think i will try to stick to satchel and messenger styles for a while. I want to wear all my bags regularly, I feel guilty if they sit in wardrobes, lol. That is just me though, lots of people enjoy collecting for the sake of having beautiful things. Maybe you will fall more into this category? The only bag I have bought and do not use is my cracked gold Charlie clutch. That one is waiting until my wedding day though so I feel ok about it doing nothing for now, lol.

One thing is for sure though, I bet you will have a great time deciding what bags to buy!!