How many bags/accessories do you have that....

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  1. still have their tags on them? Why do they still have tags on them?

    I think I have a small scarf print that still has tags on it because I've never used it and got my scarf print ergo instead so I might sell the other one. I also still have a weekends hampton with tags on it, I exchanged a different one for that one but I'm still unsure if I should keep this one. I don't think I have any accessories with tags on them still...oh wait, my new "L" charm still does because I haven't figured out which bag I want to put it on yet! What about you?:shrugs:
  2. Oh wait, I have this khaki/dark brown Bleecker rectangular bag (don't know the name?) that also has tags on it! :lol:
  3. I have my snail keyfob and tattersall wristlet. Not sure if I am keeping either now.
  4. Sad! I want both of those items hehe, but whatever is right for you :smile:
  5. I have 8 coach swingpacks new with tags ;)
  6. Items I currently own that still have tags:

    1 purse (small black signature Ergo hobo with patent trim);
    2 wallets (Chelsea accordion and Ergo slim envelope - both black);
    1 scarf (Legacy ponytail scarf).

    I am still undecided on the Ergo hobo which is why I haven't removed the tags or worn it. I just purchased the wallets yesterday to go with a bag that I am waiting for in the mail from eBay and I'll decide which one to return after I get the bag. The scarf? I am still trying to convince myself that I like it.
  7. One set has tags:

    Signature Stripe Tote in Khaki/White
    Hamptons Slim Envelope wallet in Gardenia

    This is my 'summer bag' so I haven't taken it out yet. Just purchased at the last PCE so they haven't been sitting too long.
  8. Hamptons carryall in khaki/white
    Heritage stripe tote, beauty case, mini skinny in pink
    Tattersall scarf

    I'm waiting for the warm weather or possibly another bag I might like more to use for spring/summer!
  9. I still have the tags on my white Miranda and my Millie hobo that I purchased during pce. They are Spring/Summer bags but the weather here isn't there yet. I always leave the tags on my bags until I am actually going to use it "just in case".
  10. Ergo signature belted tote, but that will change monday as long as it doesn't rain. I returned a small hobo at the boutique that I didn't use and bought the tote at the outlet and still had money left over.
  11. I have 2 bags and 3 accessories that still have the tags on them--white ali and khaki/white ergo hobo that I'm just waiting for the weather to break to wear, the khaki/white bleecker wristlet that I'm iffy on right now, the khaki/white hamptons wallet that I'm waiting to use with the new bags, and the legacy signature ponytail scarf that I'm also waiting to use with the white ali.
  12. I still have the tags on my ergo patent pond tote (which may go back), tattersall wristlet (which Im pretty sure I'll keep), and juniper legacy shoulder from ebay, which I will definitely keep, and a plum patent tote from ebay that I will probably keep. Thats good for me - I usually have more than several new bags w/tags on "in reserve" in my collection.
  13. This morning I had 4 bags NWT... finally brought 2 back to the outlet, almost returned a 3rd to the boutique, got "cold feet" and will probably do it tomorrow. The other still has tags because I'll primarily use it for nights out during the summer. I'm trying my best to downsize & get rid of bags I don't "need".

  14. Hey now you are getting like me! I have a few things to return also, some to the outlet and some to the boutique. I have even started mailing back directly to JAX because I haven't had the time to get to a store to do my returns! With the price of gas that works out just as well ! :yes:
    Jill I miss our rambles,:lol: I know I haven't been on here much lately with everything going on. :sad:
  15. none, but then again I haven't bought anything from Coach other than a necklace since December. I used my December purchase,the legacy thompson wristlet, right away and quite a few times since then.