How many Baby Sages do you have????

  1. I have one, the rose and I have never used it. Still feels a little large for me.
    I am so sad the Kristens are gone though. I just love the line :sad:
  2. One! Well, it's on its way to me, the rose patent baby sage. Hopefully soon I'll be able to add a black smooth leather baby sage. I'm sort of hoping it might be in next weeks online sale. If not, then I'll hunt one down on eBay.
  3. I'll have two this evening...they're on the truck!! Only intend to keep one, though, just have to decide.

  4. Which ones which ones which ones!!!! LOL Girl you sage hoarder you! LOL!!!

  5. Reveal tomorrow ;)

  6. ACK you're killing me!!!! :biggrin:
  7. one :biggrin:

    Woulda been two next week if they hadn't screwed around with pricing and all :p
  8. I saw the black marked down at Lord & Taylor last week. It was 25%, plus they had a 20% off coupon. It was sooooo hard to walk away from that!

  9. Perfect size for me too, and I love the woven leather.
    I wound up with 6 Sabrinas and I use them all, so it's all good.

  10. OMG !! Right she is PERFECT and NOT heavy as a crossbody!!!!
    but I think U are the WINNER so far!!!!!!

  11. Haha, maybe. But not sure what's staying, so I'm not adding my name to that list, lol. I'm loving them all though...

  12. I have been using BS gunmetal for four days - it is TRUE LOVE
  13. Two more = 4 BS and one Laila = total 6
  14. I am waiting for my outlet to open. Here's hoping they have some good stuff!!!
  15. I just have one--tuberose woven