How many Baby Sages do you have????

  1. Totally right. The Rose pink I have and really like. I meant the Raspberry. It was HOT HOT HOT but a bit too bright for me...
  2. Lol!! I was just asking my best friend the same question!!! How many baby sages is an an ok # to keep... So this is what i have and i don't whether to keep all or what!! help !!

    denim woven
    parchment woven
    champagne leather
    patent rose

    and I really like them all!! idk what 2 do...
  3. If you like them all and you got them this past weekend at those great outlet prices then I say keep! :smile:
  4. Keep them! :biggrin:

  5. Yes it is, I have both.
  6. IMO ASH is lighter than Mushroom...IMO it is the same color as the first manage sage in light gray that I had.

  7. Girl ALL of the are ok to keep.....heck I have 6 Lindseys

  8. Lahaska PA has TONSSSSSSSSSSSSS on the raspberry patent and i so love it

  9. LOVE her...when I saw her in FP we bonded and she told me she would be home with me when she got to the outlets and BOOM - she home ;)
  10. Just 1 in fawn I picked up last weekend :smile:
  11. Yes you need Raspberry patent and gunmetal - Sawgrass had tons last night! :p
  12. Where are all the PICTURES???
  13. I have two on the way and those are the only 2 I own at the current time.
  14. :useless:

    Pictures please! I only have the black woven, and am contemplating doing a bill/ship for other colors. I haven't seen the gunmetal one yet....

  15. I didnt ask for pics bc of the SAGE Hording thread