How many b-bags does one really need?

  1. Cuz it seems like i've been wanting to get one, one after another. i can't seem to justify it but i want another one after 2 firsts and a city. is his normal? help!
  2. You definitely fit right in here! I just received my first b-bag on Friday and I am already on the hunt for more...although I love mine so much that I can't imagine carrying anything else right now!
  3. I'm the minority, I have an Ink City and that will be my only Bbag :biggrin:
  4. ^^^ Darn, why can't I post pics?
  5. Feel comfy knowing the more Bbags the merrier. If I could I would have them all! Which colors do you have?
  6. Hey!
    dont you have a cornflower too?:blink:
  7. The more the merrier! If you love it, then go for it! I just got my first b=bag a couple of weeks ago, and I am dying to get another one! AND I cannot wait for the fall bags to come out!
  8. You are definitely not abnormal. From what I've read, it seems like many people on the PF have more than one. They are addictive. So many pretty colors and styles. I have two and want at least one more this fall. They are great bags.
  9. i have the pewter first and i want another b bag defintely. a purse and a city perhaps.
  10. in my {DREAM} wardrobe, I'd have 12 balenciagas. mostly neutrals ( a light, a medium, a dark) in a few different choices of shapes, a metallic, 3 different brights (soft color/pastel, warm bright, cool bright)...
  11. I'm seriously in love with bbags, no other bag 'fits me' like they do - it just completely fits my style... it's truly like the bag flows with my image! I have 5 right now..... but am expecting one more... and I think I have another one coming in a month or so LOL! so yeah, it's definitely normal to keep on wanting more - they're just way too fabulous (in my opinion!)
  12. I think this calls for a photo! I would love to see your b-bags!
  13. hey ya
    you're not alone and its totally normal! i mean - what bag range can you get these days that filled with different styles and wonderful colours???? (<<<<totally correct me if im wrong)
    i've got 2 b-bags and i'm the hunt for at least 3 or 4 more!!!! they're a great bag! i say, if you want more then go ahead - you only live once!!!! :smile:

  14. Not anymore. My cousin wanted it back so she got me a Blake instead. But I exchanged it for a beautiful Chanel tote. :love:
  15. I have two City bags, and three Firsts. I know I will be wanting more of them--by Fall for sure!

    My husband says Balenciaga bags should come with warnings like on cigarettes. (There are warnings on cigarette packages in
    Canada.) Warning: Highly addictive. May cause obsessiveness and the need to purchase other styles and colours.

    (You're normal!!!)