How many B-Bags do you have on your eBay WATCH List?

  1. Holy cow ... just looked at my eBay WATCH list; I have 14 B-Bags that I''m watching!!! How about you ....?????
  2. Wow!

    I think I have 3-4 bags and I thought that was a lot!
  3. I have six..:shame:

    a magenta twiggy & first
    a black first
    a pistachio classique
    an eggplant classique and a
    04 lilac twiggy

    probably wont end up winning any but I can dream!!

  4. I have 12.......
  5. I have 6 as well lol.
  6. I just love your Kitty Avatar!! Funny ... it appears as though quite a few of us have Cats, and have used their picture for our Avatar (except those who are using their B-Bag pictures ... wonderful as well!)
  7. Aww thanx hun! Is that your kitty as well in you avatar? She's a real beauty compared to mine lol. Mine is more of the comical type!
  8. 10, and about 60 that ended... I should get rid of those.
  9. Totally relate to that Winona ... I just deleted a bunch of 'Ended' auctions. Sometimes I like to keep them just to see if the seller reduced the price though.
  10. Just 3!!
  11. Thanks ... she was a beautiful Cat (alas, she passed away almost 2 years ago). Of all the Cats I ever had, she was the BEST ... so sweet and cuddly. I don't think I'll ever find another Cat like her. You should have seen my husband with her ... that was HIS BABY!!!! What a riot!
  12. I have 5
  13. I do that too!!
    Plus I like to compare selling prices when new bags in the same colours/styles go up.

    I love how you love your cat. I hope you got to have her for a long time :smile:
  14. a lot :biggrin: I lost track, and probably will only consider bidding on a couple, but one can dream right ;)
  15. i have 3, but i'm not planning on bidding.
    i just like to see how things end up out of curiosity. plus, they're pretty :love:
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