How Many B-bags Between PF Members?

  1. So, what is your estimate: How many B-bags total are owned by the members of PF?
    And who has the most?:blink:
  2. Hi Irishgal!
    Just a rough estimate - 200??
    I haven't really kept up with everyone's collections (I gotta catch up on that), but style101 and Mimi have a lot...Maybe we can use this thread to post our Bbag collections??:smile:
  3. :love: i've only got 3 b-bags... at the moment! :love:
  4. I have five. Not much for me.
  5. ^^^giggles and Amour20 have been on buying sprees recently too!!
  6. That's true!! See, I need to get with it! :biggrin:
    Ok, with all the latest acquisitions, I increase my guess then to 250!
  7. oh and don't forget STYLE101!!! Between her, giggles, and Amour, I'm thinking there's about 50 bags already!
  8. LOL... good idea cate! Maybe everyone can contribute one or two family pics

    edit: I have 3 and 4th on the way :yahoo:
  9. I have 4 and my 5th is on the way!!!!! Yahoooooo!!
  10. Lol :love: I have 7 so far. 2 more on pre-order. But there are a couple on eBay that have my eye!
  11. I have five.
  12. Woo hoo!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Me too!! I just ordered one, and am waiting for the grenat...

    I'll take a pic once I get that last bag!

    WOW giggles! You've been busy!!! :amuse:
  13. I have 13.....yikes that sounds like alot!
  14. I am at 9

    black Shopper
    Bordeaux City
    Caramel City
    Ink City
    Turquoise City
    Rose City
    Brown Day
    Emerald Work
    Rust Courier

    Ordered a Camel Work and Grenat Work for Fall. Toying with purchasing a rust purse ( I LOVE this color )
  15. Good idea! I love looking at bbag family photos :yes: