How many avatars have you had?

  1. All told, I've had about 10. How many have you had and why did you pick it and/or decide to change it?

    I change it sporadically, depending on how much I like my current one. The ones I can remember (not neccessarily in order):

    1. YSL logo- loved this one, used it for my first 500 posts or so.
    2. Keepall and Alma from LV's ad campaign last spring- used for quite a while
    3. Versace medusa logo- HATED this one, only used it for a few posts
    4. Runway shot of a Dior fur coat- was obssessing over this at the time
    5. Galliano Gazette print- liked this one, but only used for a week or so
    6. Goyard pattern- this one saw the most action (still have as my computer's wallpaper- might have to go back to it eventually)
    7. The Smurfs with their orginal French title "Les Schtroumpfs"- still can't explain this one :p
    8. Julia Roberts in the boutique in Pretty Woman with the header "It's very expensive"- I'd seen the movie twice in short succession, couldn't get it out of my head
    9 & 10. Linda Evangelista- my favorite model (now changing for different pic of Linda every couple weeks when I need a change)
  2. I've only had 2....this is the one that I have had since after Xmas.

  3. Just the one, need to change it, it's boring!
  4. i've kept this one since... ummm... 2003 or 2004? :wtf: not here obviously but on other boards..
  5. maybe 8??
  6. i've only had a few:

    for my first month or so of posting, i had a senic picture from the area that i live. after that, the jack bauer one :love:....i had that for ages. almost a year. in february i changed it to a suicide prevention one for a couple days, then a rainbow for about a month because it was less depressing/more hopeful. after that it was a naked mole rat for a couple weeks b/c they make me smile. i bought my first tokidoki bag last week and the characters are just so darn cute! that's what it is now.

    i've also changed it to a picture of me a few times for about two posts each time....but then i get anxious about my picture being up and change it back. it's in my profile though....somehow that doesn't seem as public. :smile:

    (i can't believe i still have all these on my computer....i should clean out my pictures folder)
    cannonbeach.jpg jack-bauer.jpg rainbow.jpg molerat.jpg CIMG0213.JPG
  7. i can't even remember what i had before i had my dear Cassie Mae, or even if i had one. i know i've had this one for over a year, and i don't have much of a desire to change. i recognize members by their avatars, i find it disorienting when people switch!

    for example, ilzabet, i thought you had disappeared when i didn't see jack bauer anymore! only after that post did i realize it was you!
  8. None Yet.

    Just found a cute one! Captures my My first Avatar YAY
  9. In this forum, one. In others, too many to count. :p

    This was actually my original avatar in a car forum. I scared a lot of guys with it. :lol:
  10. I have had a couple, I change them quite often...I get bored
  11. you know i thought of that when i started switching them around because i do the same thing. it's so confusing when people change! but i needed to look at something a little more upbeat and a little less violent. i think it will stay my current one for a while if that helps anyone remember me. :smile:
  12. On this board, I have only had the one you see under my name. Shuichi is so cute!

    That naked mole rat is absolutely adorable!
  13. I've had one and it is the CX 747 which I flew from HKG to NRT on my way back to the good, old US of A!!

    God Bless Texas!
  14. 4 so far... the first two were pictures of my yorkie Pickles. And then a picture of DD... now this current one is just a random picture I saw while browsing online..
  15. 4!