How many are too many?

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  1. :nuts: I pulled out my ponytail scarf collection today and was thinking, "Wow, that's a lot!". Is it too many?

    Obviously I have an obsession with them so lets see what everyone else has!

  2. I think your collection is perfect!
  3. I :heart: ponytail scarves the most as well! From what I see, that's not too many. Maybe like 80+ more would start looking that way. They can fold away very nicely and compactly so that's nowhere near too many, IMHO. I want to get the pink Valentine ponytail scarf too eventually.
  4. ooh Ill play! Ponytail scarves are my favorite thing to collect. I actually just sold a few that I never really cared for, and am still waiting for my op art one. Here my collection, and one on my gray bag right now!

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  5. ooh ! i love that ocelot scarf ! if i have a sabrina.. that'd be perfect !:drool:
  6. Love the ponytail scarves. IMO you can never have too many of those!! They are just so pretty!
  7. I love your scarves! I am just starting to like those more and more, I got the Valentine one with my Magenta Ergo.

    I need to pick another one up for once the holiday is over to wear with my bag....

    Just another excuse for an outlet trip ;)
  8. I don't believe you can have two many scarves. I have some bags that have two scarves on them and a few scarves that I don't have a bag for. They are not very expensive and they're cute so, buy what you like!!:tup:
    And for the your collection!!
  9. If you use them, I do not see a problem! :smile:

  10. oooh, you have a few there that I would love to have! :drool:
  11. well, I do have a scunci scarf head band that I bought and I like to weave my ponytail scarfs in it and wear them to work. So I guess I am getting good use out of them.
  12. Very nice scarf collection. I don't use my scarfs as often as I would like to, but still love them. When I need a little pick-me-up they are the perfect thing to buy. Not overly expensive and easy to store. Enjoy them all and contine with your collection!
  13. I love pony scarves too.
    Not shown: Op Art grey/orange/black (it's on a black bag right now)
  14. Very pretty collection! And to answer your question, as long as you use them its never too many.
  15. Again, here are some rare scarves I've never seen but were listed on the Coach drilldown:

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