How makeup changes a woman's looks

  1. Sounds interesting! Although I'll have to check it at home, my work internet filter is blocking it as "Personal Pages" LOL. Thanks for posting it!
  2. woooooooo
  3. By the way, there is nothing X r@ted on this webpage.
  4. amazing! She should do undercover detective work.
  5. Interesting! It looks like cinematic makeup. Clothing and hair have a lot to do with it as well.
  6. Interesting - love the one with the unibrow
  7. I think she looks like a drag queen in most of the pictures.
  8. Wow, that is so cool!
  9. wow!
  10. it does make a big difference, but her hair to me makes the biggest
  11. ^^ Lots of different facial expressions as well. Nevertheless, very interesting to look at! :yes:
  12. wow, that was very interesting. i could have never recognized her if i didn't know that she was the same person in all the pictures. haha. thanks for sharing.
  13. ^ ITA! I would not have recognized her as the same person either.
  14. she looks good black. :p