How Lv Really Made Me Mad Today....

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  1. Ugh, I'm sorry!
    That's like the story I got with my denim flats last week..
    Tuesday (day of the party): "We need to order them, they should be here by Friday."
    No call....
    Saturday when I go in to get my mom's bandeaus: "Oh we had to order them from the East coast so they should be here by Wednesday."
    No call....until FRIDAY night. UGH.

    So I feel your pain lol. I hope the gift is good!
  2. aww. at least your getting a gift right! let us know what you get from LV.
  3. gosh, Jill, i could just imagine him shaking on the phone (VIP = Mad = :rant:) lol.

    I hope you get them tomorrow! I can't wait to see what you get as a "free gift".
  4. id be pretty steamed too!!! *hugs*
  5. oh no, sorry to hear that Jill!!! The gift better be good!!
  6. Well i hope you get a really fab vip gift for your wait! i for one hate waiting!
  7. I really hate when stuff like that happens. You wait and wait and anticipate for the arrival and...NOTHING! This has happened to me a couple times but they were shoes. So I know how you feel and I can imagine how pissed you must've been. I'm glad you got everything straightened out. And I sure can't wait for pics. Oh, and I can't wait to see your little gift too.
  8. Sorry to hear this Jill- hopefully the gift is worth it!
  9. That is so disappointing for you especially when you are really looking forward to receiving it.

    Look on the bright side it'll be here tomorrow and you get your shipping back & a free gift!
  10. Please tell us what the gift is when you receive it!
  11. I am really sorry to hear that!

    I can't wait to see the little something something they are sending with your bags. :graucho:
  12. it better be one great gift for that much heartache, but they are trying to make it right so thats a good thing.
  13. at least u got the power u know? some ppl here actually has to take there crap and no money would be refunded, even the shipping. I'm happy that you can even get the refund on the shipping and a gift. I also think it's fun that u got to scare the dude about ur vip status. =)
  14. sorry 2 hear that, I HATE when Fedex or DHL are late, even when nothing LV has come to me this ways, I can´t imagine how desperate are you but at lest you´re getting a gift!! how exciting!!!

    if they asked me if I wanted an express delivery or a guft definitvely I´d choose the gift, if that mkaes yoiu feel better lol

    Please show us your purchases, can´t wait to see thwm!!!!!!!
  15. I am sorry that happened.