How Lv Really Made Me Mad Today....

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  1. :cursing:....So fedex WAS SUPPOSED to bring me the Neverfull MM and the trunks and bags mini pochette from lv today.I paid extra to overnight it from the BOSTON store...
    Take a guess?...NO SHOW..AND I was charged OVERNIGHT ANYWAY.

    I am so mad.I spoke to the manager...FIRST I was told it went out..THEN I was told it never was shipped ..I ordered it SATURDAY.They were sooo busy..they forgot to ship it..WHATEVER..LOL

    So the two bags come tomorrow..But I really chewed them out.The manger said that he is includin a small gift for me...Holdin my breath to see what that is...ROFLMAO.
    (he was really nervous when the LV peeps told him I was a VIP customer and VERY MAD...)
    So we wait yet another day...SNIFF....And YES.They r at least creditin my shippin fees.:crybaby:..... i was really lookin forward to gettin them today.
  2. sorry to hear that, you will get a vip gift with your package so it's a good news :P
  3. im not surprised youre mad, id be furious. hope you love them when they finally get to you.
  4. Oh, I'm sorry... Anyway I think it's worth waiting if you'll get VIP gift;)
  5. ah im sorry about that! Love the way they are putting a gift in aswell! And so they should! Pics when they come please! And i got waitlisted for the mini pochette! xx
  6. Hope they send you a really nice VIP gift! I would be so frustrated!
  7. Aww I'm sorry Jill :sad: I would be outraged too! I've had that happen with other companies and they have gotten reamed out by me. Make sure to take some pics when the items do come though. Very curious what your little gift will be. Also curious about the pochette. I'm on the waitlist at my store as they don't have them in yet.
  8. I still treasure my LV letter-opener -- it was their apology for charging my credit card twice. Hope you enjoy whatever you get. And for what it's worth, LV was cited in a recent Bloomberg article for taking great strides in improving its customer service.
  9. Aawww, waiting is misery.:tdown: I hope your goodies soon, and a nice little gift to make you feel better.
  10. Grrrrrr!!! I am so mad for you! I know they can compensate all they want and it's just a human mistake but still - you wanted your bag shipped overnight and you didn't get it! I can't wait to hear what the little gift is. Hang in there and keep us posted.
  11. aww... i would've been mad too! can't wait to see your new bag and mini pochette, though~
  12. That store is very disorganized!
  13. you need to demand more than just a VIP gift! :graucho:
  14. awww, thats too bad! but free gift! how exciting! lol cant wait till tomorrow!
  15. good things come to those who wait, right?