How LV can bring people together...

  1. Well, I must say that I don't belong in a very materialistic family or a circle of friends. When I purchased my first LV and told one of my friends, she gasped and said, "Oh my gosh Karman! Are you turning into a label whore?!" Wow, excuse me, also the unnecessary name calling in this context isn't as bad as if I was called that without "label" at the front, it still didn't make me very happy. Just because I love LV doesn't mean everything I own is high-end...I now buy a lot less clothes and I'm cheap in many other areas just so I can save more money to buy more LV!

    Anyways, a coworker at the restaurant where I work at is also very into LV. She doesn't have many, but we talk about LV at work once in awhile. Whenever we see an LV in the restaurant, we always notify each other. She always brings me catalogues and magazines of LV and Holt Renfrew items, and she's always delighted to see my new bag that I just bought (and will honestly approve or disapprove). She's much older than me, almost my mom's age, but we just have this connection between us that's so unique! My mom would never go to Holt Renfrew LV with me, but today I was talking to this woman from work and we are planning a trip to LV together next week so she can purchase a new wallet! :wlae: She's like my LV mom!

    Anyone have their LV story to share?
  2. Thanks for sharing your story, Karman. How nice to have an LV-mom!
    I'd love one, but unfortunately I don't have many friends or family who have the slightest interest in high end bags, let alone LV. In fact, the only person I discuss bags with on a regular basis, is the owner of the consignment shop where I sell bags I no longer use - but she is a very nice person. Still, I have found that I feel connected to LV-carrying strangers, if I go shopping and meet another person w/ an LV bag, it's normal to smile & start talking - like I have a lot of LV-friends out there. It's like a secret society, where members recognize each others bags. :yes:
  3. Wow, you're sooo lucky to have an LV-mom!! Unfortunately I don't have any friends or relatives to share my LV passion with, just my husband but he gets bored quickly when I ramble on and on about LV... I'd love to have someone to share my love for LV, so right now all my LV friends are on tPF! :flowers:
  4. What a nice story and thanks for sharing. I am glad that you have found someone who shares your love for LV.
  5. That's neat! What happened with your pochettes, did you get them okay too?
  6. Usually everyone disapproves the price but not the looks of my LV´s.
  7. That is great Karman~ I don't have anyone like that. It used to be y best friend w/ COACH until I turned LV. Not so much anymore. But I enjoyed your story and it made me smile:flowers:
  8. I live in Calgary too, we can be LV buddies:P My sister was the one who got me into designer stuff... We always go to Holt Renfrew to admire the bags :rolleyes: But aside from her, nobody else understands...:sad:
  9. It is nice to have someone who understands -- I have a few LV friends and it is great fun to get together and gab/shop!
  10. It is nice that you two have this connection. Once my family realizes my new "interest", I am sure that they will frown upon it. My dh approves though as long as it makes me happy and I don't go overboard.
  11. Only one I can share my LV with is my husband but he'd never go to the store with me like I've never interested to go to play golf with him or see him in the driving range.

    You are so lucky to have someone to share your passion with LV but I still have your Pfer LV girls to share with :heart:
  12. Hi Karman ;)

    I'm actually flying to Berlin next friday to meet with 3 friends living there that I've gotten to know over LV.
    We've already announced at one of the stores that we're coming (so they can chill enough champagne :nuts: ), and I'll be buying myself a great new Passy GM.

    You're right though - sharing a passion with friends is always sooo much more fun!

    I'm already so excited thinking about friday - we'll also be hitting Hermes and Chanel (to really get our ccs burning).
  13. Oh haha.. I just have the friends that think I'm a designer whore.. which I admittedly am. But hey, I have all my lovely PF friends ! :graucho:
  14. Me, too. They always say, you have another new bag!!!

    :shrugs: Oh, well...thanks goodness for tPF!

    Karman, that's great that you have someone IRL to share!
  15. That's great Karman, I have a couple of LV friends as well and I know that feeling of being able to bond in a diffrent way, compared to my other friends who don't have LV. It's rare to find someone as passionate as that in one's circle. Have fun when you two go out!