how luxury lost its luster

  1. Just wanted to recommend a book called Deluxe - how luxury lost is luster by Dana Thomas,

    Its just what we have discussed in the forum several times, that so many of the big brands produce in Kina/Asia and eastern Europe to take a 75% ! profit and market the brand as "Made in Italy" and that there are only a handful of companies like Chanel, Hermes and Louboutin that still produced "the old way"

    Highly recommended
  2. This book made me not want to carry my LV anymore. If you want your pleasure in "luxury" handbags considerably reduced, this will do the trick.

    I'm glad I read it, though.
  3. Yeah, that book burst my bubble. Glad I read it.
  4. It's on my Amazon wish list, sounds like an interesting read.
  5. LOVED this book!!! I bought it when it came out in August. I think it did give me cause to pause...but I'm so glad that I read it. I do feel much more informed about the industry.

  6. yep, this book is on my "to-read" list, too! i'm reading another book similar to it, called fashion victim which covers the secrets of the clothing industry.
  7. im still reading this book. havent finished it quite yet. its really interesting
  8. I just finished reading it. It's an eye opener. Definitely second the thought on highly recommending it!
  9. I'm with you on both points. I want to be an informed consumer so I'm glad I read the book, but I was disheartened by what I read when it comes to LV. The owner just doesn't seem to give a darn, and I hated the way he treated the last Vuitton involved with the company (and others). He also didn't care about the brand when he was going after Gucci, he just thought they'd make more under his control.

    I recently checked out an LV Monogram wallet, and while it looked okay for the most part, it was very obvious that the fabric wasn't cut well, and the change section was lined in cheapo plastic. Why? The one I've had for years is very similar in style, only smaller, and it's all leather inside. I'll go to Ferragamo instead.

  10. I definitely need to buy this book. It will help me save! :smile: Seems interesting.

    I do agree with the statement. The more I have, the more I want it seems. I do have one LV which I still wear but I don't plan on getting any more LV unless I turn insanely rich and have money to throw. I got it and I was excited about it but at the same time not excited if that makes sense that I didn't even bother posting about it in LV. I realized all it is, is plastic canvas with 10 percent vachetta. And I'm paying 600 dollars for this speedy? Or whatever the price was. The canvas was pretty thin and very flimsy. Especially since I bought a dooney and bourke before that it was especially upsetting because the d and b had BETTER, THICKER QUALITY canvas and the same vachetta! I really don't see why people equate lv with quality when their are so many posts and complaints on it. It felt like I was an idiot for spending that much money on just a name! Especially since d and b was soo much better quality and I don't feel so bad about dinging d and b around cuz it was alot cheaper! Now I stick to leather bags because I feel I get more of my money's worth and I love yummy leather and the uniqueness leather has.
  11. Too many of the knockoffs look all too real these days and that takes from the uniqueness. True story, I saw a girl working at Starbucks carrying a LV out after her shift.
  12. I read this book, and like others, it made me change the way I look at fashion. Now when I buy something that reads "Made in Italy", I have to take it with a grain of salt. You used to be able to rely on the brand name to guarantee that you were getting a quality product; now you have to rely on your eyes!
    It is so disheartening to see businessmen like Arnault buying up the old fashion houses, and forcing the original owners out. He trades the atelier for an anonymous factory churning out second-rate products, and uses the good name of the original owner to lure us in to buying the item. All these businessborgs care about is the bottom line - whereas the original owners really cared about their clothes, shoes, handbags, etc.
  13. I did not know LV was unique or that people working at Starbucks could afford LV (sarcasm).
  14. Beautifully put.
  15. that's why i'd rather carry those stylish no name brands and makes people wonder, "what brand is she carrying?" type of bag.