How Loyal are you to Louis Vuitton???

  1. I can not get myself to cheat on LV it is all that I have right now as far as leather goods and bags and I just can't get into other brangs for example Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Hermes, Dior, I can't do it when im so close to purchasing from other brands I just stop and think of LV:love: so the question is are you loyal enough to LV that you can say that you only own LV as the only designer brand of bags in you'r collection?

    coach and d&b don't count, and don't get offended because I own coach myself I just don't consider them a luxury brand but that's another story.

    loyal means no cheating...
  2. no i'm not totally loyal but LV is always close to the top of my list.
  3. The only other brand I considered is Hermes. Others don't appeal to me at the moment, not to such an extent that I would consider giving away money for them at least. (For leather goods that is.)
  4. out of my bag I only have 3 that are not LV 2 Dior (1 is an evening bag the other I've barely used) the other Gucci it's my rainy day bag and I got them all about 3 years ago since then I haven't strayed
  5. Then I guess I am not loyal in any

    I love beautiful things, and there is no doubt LV produces beautiful things. But why limit yourself to only LV when the world have so much to offer? I love to the best of everything, maybe I am
  6. I feel the same way! Right now I'm saving up for a black epi bag and when I went shopping I saw this amazing leather black prada bag. It was even much prettier then some LV-bags on my wish list and cheaper but there's just something about it not being LV. I wouldn't love it as much...
  7. I'm probably the complete opposite of everyone else who answers LOL I have one LV bag left and the rest is Balenciaga & Chloe. I have one knock-around Coach bag for football games!
    I'm contemplating branching out in Prada and maybe even a Chanel!

    I used to be just all LV....but I find that it is nice to have some diversity in my collection :smile:
  8. I'm not loyal to LV in that sense. I do love LV and have been buying them for what feels like a million years. But I'm too in love with Chanel and Balenciaga as well. And Hermes is on my short list too, though I don't own one just yet. Besides these 4 brands (plus my Prada bags), I don't think I would want to introduce any other brand to my collection. It's hard enough to keep up with price increases and seasonal and limited edition bags for Chanel, LV, and Balenciaga (my 3 favorites). lol
  9. I'm not loyal to LV. Besides LV I own Gucci & when I get off my purse ban I am going to buy a Chanel.
  10. i have 2 bags out of my collection that's not LV (gucci messenger and a small fendi bag). but anytime i'm in the mood to look for a new bag, i always look at LV first.
  11. I am not trully loyal to anything I am afraid. I own bags from several designers. Miu Miu. Prada, Balenciaga, Coach, Fendi and Burberry. However, I almost always end up spending my money back at LV. I tend to use LV bags the most and especially this Fall I have been super impressed by what LV has to offer. I LoVe bags and if I could have unlimited money there is no end to the bags I could buy. For now LV!
  12. hehehe... so far I don't loyal any kind of brands, whetever my eye see set on that bag :drool: and.. think about the price to compare to the other bags that I saw before hence to compare there and that price and shape of bag which is better for me and which is 'good' price :love:

    for Louis Vuitton yeah if there is Limited Edition that I like style yeah bought it instead regret later, I tried to buy something I like at Channel boutique so far there's no style suit or meet the budget but weird enough, I hate seeing them very plain and stitch alas I like Prada however they do similar pattern being plain! :p

    :graucho: well don't blame my mind, taste and eye :rolleyes:

    it's depend on people taste to buy bag and comfortable with bag plus 'the bag' is shows your the personalities not about your capacity money!! :tup:
  13. Well, I am definitely not loyal in that sense then. I own quite a few LVs but I also enjoy items from other labels - Fendi, Miu Miu, Prada, Chanels, Chloes to name afew. I think a woman's closet needs to have a variety to go with different mood she's in. At least I speak for myself. :shame:Shopping becomes more interesting with different mixes and that works wonders for me!:love: I get bored with buying the same label all the time. I am sure they are loyal fans out there that would disagree but that's just me. I think if I were to just keep buying LV only, it would be overkilled and I know myself that I will not go near it forever. That's worse!Also recently, LV has been reproducing LE items in other colours or even the same shades, so that's making me waver alot in my faith on their products.
    In the meantime, I will still keep a look out on what other labels can offer me.
  14. I have boughten Burberry, Prada and Coach.
  15. Well :rolleyes:...I was loyal until 2 weeks ago. There was nothing LV had to offer in the color I wanted...I tried the bags in the color and they just didn't do it for me. So...I went onto Marc Jacobs for a bag. I may even branch out and get a chanel on day. I do have 10 Louies my heart is always with Louis first:tup: