How loyal are you to Chanel?

  1. I will only buy their bags now................. but with the price increases just alot fewer!
  2. Yep, they are the only bags that catch my eye too now! Infact I have sold on every other bag in my collections, so I only have Chanel now. But like you, I think you plan ahead and really work out which one you want next, as they are so expensive :smile:
  3. I go back and forth from Chanel to LV for the most part. And I also have strayed with Balenciaga for a spell. My feeling is that Chanel is the most classic brand, and I mostly buy Chanel in black so that it will stay in style, especially since the price increase.
  4. shoes and bags is all Im interested in [maybe sunnies, as Im currently loving Dior shades]. Althought one day I would love to own a tweed jacket.
  5. The majority of my collection are Chanels. I do buy other brands if it's a great bag. I have a huge weakness for Prada Satchels. I'm also dabbling in "orange' now. LOL
  6. I hate to be the only one who is defecting but I am NOT loyal to Chanel. :sweatdrop: I just love their classic styles and I will buy vintage and some other bags but life is too short to just wear one brand. I looove variety and I proudly sport my Pradas and Jimmy Choo bags. I also like the funky vibe of MJ but mostly will wear Prada and Chanel. JC has their own sort of classiness that I think is very much underrated and classic in their own way.
  7. I used to be ALL about Chanel but not anymore...not sure why that changed...

    From Chanel, I currently own one Flap bag, pearl belt / necklace, and sunnies. I own (and use) more LV than any other brand. I do have Balenciaga, Tods, and Coach in my collection though. I would love to add Hermes to it one day!

    So, to answer your question, I'm not loyal at all!
  8. Chanel is all I own... sold off my entire Chloe collection to help fund Chanel purchases. But sadly, the price increases coupled with reduced quality is making it difficult to be loyal. I find myself peeking at LV (also sold a Speedy 30 to fund Chanel) every now and again.
  9. I am not loyal to Chanel for a couple of reasons..First the price increase and second the construction of the bags...I have had a number of problems with either the stitching or chains on certain bags...Further, there are other designers which may have pieces which I really like...such as Hemes, Fendi, Dior and Vuitton(which started my love for designer bags many years ago)...and actually I have had less problems with those bags...Happy New Year!!!
  10. I also am not totally loyal- can't afford to be LOL. I also have LV, Prada and Gucci among any other low-end bag that catches my eye!!
  11. Not completely Loyal, although it has become my favorite!! Chanel sunnies are my fave too!
    I still love Balenciaga and cannot give those up and I have a lone LV and Prada that I cannot seem to part with either.
  12. I just started becoming interested in Chanel three months ago...before that it was all LV for me so I can't say I'm loyal. I am, however, in the process of selling some of my LVs to fund my Chanel purchases lol :p and I would rather buy a Chanel than an LV right now!
  13. I'm not brand loyal.

    Honestly, I love Chanel and they generally make the styles that catch my eye but if there is some other brand who makes a bag that I like, I'll buy it. I also really like YSL. I like Chanel and it's one of my top 2 but I'm not really brand loyal in an aspect of my life. It makes life kind of boring (for me.)
  14. ^ ditto :yes:
  15. I'm not loyal to any one brand ... although I do have my top 3 that I like to carry (Chanel, Balenciaga and LV). I like to have a bunch of variety so that I don't get bored.