how low is too low?

  1. i was at school (i really feel that the place is important in this instance) when i saw a fellow student with a V neck cami and a cardigan over it. the V part was so low that the curve of it part, if just a mm lower, would show her nipple!

    and of course you can tell she's braless under.

    i seriously get LKDSJFLSKDJFLSDF crap from my friends if my top even allows my clevage to show! this lady was not at all skinny either, she was all curves.

    :wtf: am i too modest or a prude?
  2. nahhh.. i go to west palm every week for sat class and this one girl wore one of those abercrombie long sleeves except she left all the buttons open it was gross.
  3. That's toooo low!
  4. ewwwwwwww! i guess it's ok if it's low but braless.. ewwwwwwww!
  5. That's def too low IMO, especially for SCHOOL!! Don't think you're being prudish here.
  6. She is doing a PARIS HILTON!!
  7. Is this high school or college?

    Of course it's too low for HS, but college...I can maybe see it. Either way, I see people dressed horridly, but hey, it's their body and their money. Whatever.
  8. *whew* i think skimming it is okay but this lady had me thinking.

    we're in college and i'm in san francisco.

    its not something i'm used to seeing here.

    you know? like you see celebrities wearing tops that low but they get paid to entertain us....i just thought that was gross...but then again it's all relative.
  9. i agree with you ms-whitney....that is too low for school!!!
  10. It's too low and especially at school, is she trying to make A's through another means? you're not at a club, you're at school.
  11. I agree:yes:
  12. I had a student who dressed like that in an Astronomy class I taught. It was in an open lab environment, so if ever she had a problem with her calculations there were like 15 guys running over to help her out. She was very large chested too.

    I had to teach that class about the 'Celestial Spheres'. I had to bite my tongue all through that lecture!

    As for pants, I've seen lots of my girl students show butt crack in class. I'm sorely tempted to tell them to pull their pants up, especially when the bunch of guys in the row behind them start ogling (and not paying attention to the instructor!)
  13. Besides seeming too risque for school, it also seems like it would be too cold to wear something like this!
  14. I don`t think you`re a prude...
    When I go out, I don`t even go soo low.
    Don`t get me wrong, when you got the right chest, it`s beautiful. (at the right place)
  15. that was just disgusting- especially if the location was at school! :yucky: