how lorenzo proposed to marc. awww...


Sep 9, 2006
Lorenzo Martone Shares the Story of How He Proposed to Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’s trip to Brazil to meet Lorenzo Martone’s family was a success. “It went very well,” Lorenzo told us at the Cinema Society premiere of Obsessed last night. “He met my entire family — mom, dad, brother, grandmother. Everyone adored him. Like they should, right?” Lorenzo says that despite all the talk about their matching rings, this was not intended as an engagement trip. “It was just a trip to meet my family.” That said, he confirms that the two are, in fact, engaged. Turns out Lorenzo proposed to Marc! Lorenzo bought the rings at Boucheron — Marc’s favorite jeweler — in Paris during Fashion Week. “I was in Paris for Fashion Week, for the Vuitton show, so I had a little planning beforehand to do that,” Martone says. The rings are pink-gold triple bands, and he surprised Jacobs with them during dinner at the Mercer Hotel, shortly before the trip to Brazil. "That’s an iconic place for us, you know? [Marc] lived there for ten years. When I proposed, the rings came with our starters in the restaurant,” Lorenzo revealed. “I bought the rings in Paris, brought them here, and then before the trip to Brazil, I proposed.” Martone says he was nervous, and is relieved that it worked well. They haven’t set a date, but he thinks December in St. Barts would be lovely.

too cute for words. :love:
I love it! That's so sweet... I'm so happy for Marc and Lorenzo. I love that family means a lot to Lorenzo, thats a good thing... he sounds like a very solid, responsible guy.