How long?

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  1. I just listed my first item for auction about an hour ago. Well, the listing isn't showing up at all on eBay. How long does it generally take for your auction to appear to the public? Thanks, I'm kinda a worried wart since this is my first. I don't know how to send invoices..:confused1:
  2. It takes a while, give it a few hours. :smile: As for an invoice, when the auction is over, I think there is a button at the top of the auction page when you are signed in.
  3. If you listed a LV it's going to take 4-6 hours before it appears on the listing. It is suppose to be scurtinzied by the VeRO board at least that is what their they should be doing.
  4. It was a Coach...I listed it about 5 to 6 hours ago. I spoke to someone on eBay's live chat & they said it should be on there by tonight. If not I have to contact them again. It seems they are having some glitches. Thanks for your help.
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